Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Food and Beverage Industry Part 2

Apparently there has been a shift in consumer economics that I was unaware had happened. Customers make the concessions, not the restaurant. While getting fast food at a place that shall remain nameless but rhymes with CINDY'S, I asked to pay separately and was told, no - just give xyz amount of change to the other person. Stunned silence ensued.

After we drove away laughing about this mysterious new dichotomy, I looked in the bag holding the food. Not only was the salad I ordered not there, it had been replaced with fries, which thereby cemented my theory that something is amiss in the the F&B industry.

Someone! Anyone! Please teach me the new rules! I want to play, too. Pin It

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Annabelle Bailey said...

This is why people are no longer eating fast food - although it is a delight to open the bag on a diet and realize - damn - I must eat these fries - getting them from someone who makes 5.15/hr with a crappy attitude isn't - You can't learn the rules because they changed DAILY - start taking lunch - it's healthier, cheaper and comes with less grief!