Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Suburban Disposal Strikes Again.

For those who didn't already know, we have had ongoing drama with our trash service. Since we don't live within the city limits, we have to pay for trash pickup quarterly.
Apparently the check I mailed them for their last payment has been lost somewhere in the world and unbeknownst to all, they discontinued our service with no warning whatsoever. So last Tuesday we had the Hurbie Curbie or whatever out with not just one, but TWO weeks of trash because we missed the week before simply because we forgot to put it out. The measures that Lawton took to balance the 14 or so bags of garbage were truly heroic and they should have picked up the damn trash based on that feat alone. Just because it was impressive. The trash truck doesn't even slow down at our driveway, giving us the previously absent notification that there was some sort of problem. We find out about the missing check, make the necessary phone calls and consider the problem solved.
ASIDE: When a federal holiday falls on a Monday, our trash is ALWAYS moved back to Wednesday because the Monday people are being picked up on Tuesday and so on.
This morning (Tuesday AFTER PRESIDENTS DAY) I am putting on my makeup and I hear "OH MY GOD ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" coming from the dining room via Lawton's disbelieving face. The garbage truck is sitting at our driveway and the garbage men are all, wtf? I look at Lawt and I'm all wtf? Then the truck drives away, leaving us with yet another weeks worth of trash. The way I see it, the mysteries of Suburban Disposal are right up there with the location of Jimmy Hoffa's body and crop circles. Maybe one day we will know the truth. Pin It

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