Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We love us some Aunt Grace!!!

Aunt Grace and Grandma came to see us last week - Aunt G was on spring break and needed a respite. I am still not sure why she chose us to "relax" with, but I am sure she had her reasons. Kidding, of course - we were totally thrilled to have both of them but especially her, because we haven't been able to hang out in FOREVER!!! The kids loved having her here and Will was very upset when he woke up the morning after they left and she was not here. Grandma may have been replaced!
We had a very nice time visiting - Grace has been so swamped with being a genius at school that she has no free time so we felt verrry special that she chose to spend her Spring Break here at the Casa de Connelly!!! Hopefully she will be back very soon - if not, we may have to descend upon her in Asheville. Watch out! Pin It

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Annabelle Bailey said...

It might not have been pina coladas and sunshine but I bet it was ACTION packed!!!