Tuesday, May 15, 2007

ANOTHER Huge Weekend!!!

I love being on the run and socializing but even I am getting a little worn out! In a good way, though, so don't be confused. The festivities started this past Thursday night when it was confirmed that we were having company for Mothers Day weekend in the form of our FAVORITE guests - Grandma and Aunt Grace!! Very exciting stuff to be sure.

Friday morning the kids both had Mother's Day Teas at school and it was sooo cute! I was either beaming from ear to ear or tearing up from all the sweetness. Gamma came too which the kids loved because they both got to have someone at all times. Thank goodness for her and Poppa 'cause its pretty hard to be in two places at once! They made some CUTE crafts and had some munchies for everyone - very delicious, of course. Each child in Celi's class was videotaped talking about their mother and if my tech genius hubby will help me, I will try to get the clip on my blog. I could watch it a million times. Motherhood is truly the toughest job you'll ever love and I never knew that thirty seconds of my daughter talking about how much she loves me is enough payment for the rest of my life. Wow. My sweet boy gave me an awesome gift also - his teacher asked the children some questions about their mommy's and he actually knew what I do for a living and what food I like. I was so flattered I didn't know what to do! To be recognized as an adult person and not only as Mom was so validating. I thought it was very mature of him and just made me glow!

So Friday night the Rats spent the night with Gamma and Poppa as they had already made plans, so we grown ups got to grill out and visit with each other - quite a treat! Saturday, the ladies took the Rats to the Chilrens Museum for their good behavior treat. We had a blast - we did all kinds of artwork, dressed up in the castle, played in the water room, played all the ball games (about a million times)and had time for a little grocery shopping! We probably stayed a little too long as we didn't feed those poor Ratties until almost 2:00 but they were having so much fun we had to drag their little starving selves away. We then passed them off to Daddy so they could do some very secretive shopping and the three of us took off to the beach for an afternoon of R&R.

The beach was AWESOME - perfect weather, great company, beauty magazines and loads of Diet Coke! What more could you ask for?! As with the Childrens Museum, we stayed a little too long but it was just so nice we totally lost track of time. Mom hasn't been in a couple of years so she was soaking it up and, oh, by the way, her butt and legs look better than mine! She looks great and seemed to really enjoy herself.

The next day was Mother's Day of course and Mom and I both were treated like queens! I got some super sweet cards from the kids, Lawton and Aunt Grace, as well as my OWN DIGITAL CAMERA!!! I am sooooo happy - I have already learned how to do everything on it and yes, I have actually read the manual! The slide show at the bottom of this post was taken by this new fabulously awesome camera so I hope you guys like it! Grace and I took Mom to brunch at SweetWater Cafe in the Ville and it was delicious PLUS we got a table right away - BONUS! No perfect girl day would be complete without at least a little shopping so off to TJ Maxx after lunch. We piddled around some and then headed home. Lawton had the kids at a Mother's Day picnic at Aunt Bali's house so everyone had some motherly fun!

By the time we got back it was almost time to get ready for yet another outing - a graduation party for LawtonG and her guy Eric, plus two of their closest friends, Joe and Abby. Planned by the ultimate party guru, Mandy Davis (call me if you ever need anything fabulous, cuz my girl ROCKS a party), this party was beautiful! Great music, delicious food and of course, wonderful visiting with some of our bestest friends. We didn't stay too too late as it was a Sunday night and us poor slaves had to work Monday morning plus Grandma and Aunt Grace were keeping the Rats, one of which was EXTREMELY put out that she could not attend the party. We had a great time but I swear I have never been as tired as I was yesterday morning. When I got to work I looked in the mirror and I don't think you could have called what I had on an "outfit". I was dressed and that was about it. Busy busy busy!
I will post some photos from the Children's Museum as soon as I can, but for now just enjoy the ones from the party!
PS. The daily fact is that if anyone has a genuine frizz control product they can not only recommend but SWEAR by, please let me know. This situation is desperate. Also, there is another piece of a chocolate pop tart in my purse and the front seat bottle count is up to 4. And it's only Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

you are quite witty! I cant wait to visit again!
Love, Grace

Dena said...

WOW! You had quite a weekend!! I would imagine a Ginn party is always fun ~ Cute skirt girl is there!! hahaha....You are a social butterfly too!