Saturday, May 5, 2007

At the Dentist...

So Friday was dental health day for the Connelly kids. Will had his first check up and was AWESOME! He did everything the hygienist asked him to and was soooo good. Terry at Dr. Beebe's office is great with kids - she showed him all the instruments before she used them and was very patient and gentle. I was very proud of him and his was so cute laying the chair with his rock star shades on to keep the light out of his eyes. They said that Will was one of the best 3 year old patients ever!
Cecilia was there to have a Panoramic X-Ray (or Pan for those in the biz)and what was revealed is a little disconcerting. She has three different kinds of malocclusions, all of which are of concern. But Dr. Beebe said not to worry - he is sending her to an orthodontist to see if there is anything that can be done at such a young age. By the way, Celi was awesome too - she is a pro already, having had two cleanings. She was telling Will all the stuff that they were going to do - quite the veteran! Anyway, for the most part it was a very successful visit. We'll keep everyone posted about the orthodontist so keep your fingers crossed! Pin It

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Annie said...

Way to go Connelly kids! I need to go see Dr. Jim I guess! I saw an 8 year old with braces the other day

keep us posted!