Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Calling Dr. Mommy!

So Will is constantly jumping off of things, 90% of which are not suitable for said jumping. I, while constantly fussing at him to not do this, have been stymied as to how to make him quit. Direct disobedience will earn him a time out, but what do you do when the child is just plain daring? Anyway, I have told Will at least 4000 times not to jump off the toilet in the hall bathroom because it is very likely that he will hit his head/mouth/nose on the bathtub and that will hurt. Well, tonight it happened. He jumped, fell forward on the landing and hit his forehead on the bathtub. I hate being right. Anyway, the fall created a small laceration that bled pretty good for a while but has now totally quit and left a HUGE bump! The only reason he is keeping the bandage on his head is because we have convinced him that he is a brave soldier with a battle wound that requires a bandage. Wow. Never a dull moment at the Casa de Connelly. Sometimes I really miss being bored. Pin It

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Dena said...

And the funny thing is he will CONTINUE to do it!