Friday, May 11, 2007

Daily Facts

I totally stole this idea from Busy Mom, but since I honestly believe that plagiarism is truly the most sincere form of flattery, I will make her ideas my own. Every day on her blog, she has a list of random thoughts, observations, etc. They aren't long but she keeps the topic the same and updates them daily. Here goes:

Front Seat: clothes to the dry cleaners, stuff for Good Will, five empty 24 oz Diet Mt. Dew bottles, six empty water bottles, a pair of Danskos that need to go to the shoe repair place and a toy dinosaur.

Strangest Thing in Purse: Piece of Will's chocolate Pop Tart from yesterday. Should probably toss that.

Beauty Thought: I LOVE Natalie Morales' hair!

So there you have it. The inaugural daily fact post. I don't know if I am clever enough to keep it up, but I'm giving it a shot! Pin It

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