Thursday, May 10, 2007

Home Team Pest Defense is Going DOWN

I need to stop wondering why everything has to be a pain in my ass. Apparently we are on some black list that circulates among professional services to make sure that we get the WORST possible experiences. Most of you already know how I feel about Suburban Disposal, roofers and Amana. Well, today Home Team Pest Defense joins the list.
Some background: about three weeks ago, we got a call from a supervisor at Home Team (who we have been quite pleased with until now) telling us to have our locks changed because they had fired our technician and our key was missing. Got that taken care of and told them that we needed service because I had begun to see some roaches which is very uncool under normal circumstance but is REALLY uncool when your house is on the market and being shown. They didn't show up until today after repeated phone calls to the office and finally the supervisor again.
Here is where I went from being annoyed to MAD. We pulled into the driveway after work and notice that there is some kind of note stuck to the door. It reads, "Hi, Winnie came to visit and she is at my house. Betty at 121 Summercourt". I keep looking at the note trying to figure out how Winnie let herself out of the house. I am mentally going through the morning routine when it dawns on me - Lawton had told me that Home Team was coming this morning. We go inside and yep, there is the note that service has been done (finally.) Not wanting to jump to conclusions, we went to pick up Winnie, who thankfully was fine, and asked Betty what time she noticed her out and about. It was the same exact time as the bug service. Not only had that jackass technician let our dog out to run the neighborhood, he couldn't even be bothered to call someone!!! Not to mention, we have a note on our records that we have indoor pets and to be sure not to let them get out of the house! Snarl...
He is lucky that we have kind and observant neighbors because if Winnie had gone missing or been hurt, I would have been knocking on his door. With a baseball bat. I can't believe what kind of loser person does that. I know he probably didn't want to tell anyone that he let the dog get out, but did he think we wouldn't notice that she wasn't inside anymore? I mean, Winnie is a pretty clever dog, but the day that she can put a key in a lock and open the door is the day I retire. Again, we went straight past annoyed, aggravated, frustrated, and all those other polite words that are meant to convey strong feelings. This called for my inner redneck who proceeded to throw a hissy fit. As of 8:00 tomorrow morning, Home Team is fired. I can deal with roaches and thieves but don't mess with the Woozle. Pin It

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