Saturday, May 19, 2007

Oh happy day!!!

UPDATE: Not only is Dottie's granny sitting up and talking, she is ticked because she can't go to a retirement party TOMORROW and insists (quiet clearly) that she is fine and needs to go home because the grass needs to be cut. Damn. That's tough.

Last night we found out that Dottie and Josh are cleared for moving home to SC!!! Barring anything extraordinary, they will be here by August 1. I am sooooo excited I don't hardly know what to do with myself. Also, in other Dottie news, her beloved Granny had to have emergency brain surgery yesterday and was presumed to not pull out of it. But it turns out that God's got some more work for her to do, because not only did she survive the surgery, she is sitting up and talking! The SUPER awesome ICU nurse Tara let me sneak in to see her (during off visiting hours) and she let me make a very hush hush cell phone call to Dottie from the room. The best part is that they had just extubated her when I got there so she was actually able to talk to Dottie a little! My girl Dorothy is having herself a fantastic weekend all the way around. I am so happy for her - she really derseves some good things in her life!

Lawton and I are taking the Rats to seek Shrek 3 tonight so I'll update everyone on how that goes later. Got some other catch up to do also, but we are having some technical difficulties at the moment so it might be a little while. Just wanted to spread the good news about Dottie! More later...

UPDATE: Shrek was pretty good but not nearly as cute as the other two. The kids liked it and we saw it at the cheap theater so all in all I would count the evening a success. That is until we got home and no one went to sleep until almost midnight because of all the candy. 'Cause that's how we roll at Casa de Connelly. Who needs sleep anyway? Very highly overrated. Yawn... Pin It

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Dena said...

YEAH!!! Prayers answered! Can't wait til she gets here !!! I KNOW I'm gonna love her!