Sunday, May 6, 2007

What a weekend!

I guess we feel that our lives are not hectic enough because this weekend we took it to a whole new level! It started at 8 AM Friday with both kids at the dentist and still isn't over yet as Lawton is still traveling back from FLA. Anyway, here are the highlights...

Tim was in town for a banking meeting Friday, so he was kind enough to come get Celi and take her to Columbia for her "vacation" their house. She had a blast! Friday night Tara was watching Ana (Mo and Mary's baby) so when Celi got there she had a real live doll baby to play with! Tara said that she didn't need to entertain them at all - they kept each other occupied until bedtime. Celi LOVES babies so I am sure she was in heaven. Then Saturday Tim and Tara took Celi to the mall for Build A Bear and she came home with a very hip and stylish bunny rabbit complete with pink CROCS! Then they went to lunch and were off to see Meet the Robinsons, which she thoroughly enjoyed. Will and I met up with Tara and Celi today for lunch at Cracker Barrel so that we could eat ourselves stupid then loaded up the car to begin the deprogramming that always follows some time with her favorite non-parental grownups!

Not to be outdone, Will had a super weekend also. He got to take Daddy to get pizza Friday night and then Saturday he took Mommy to the very brand new Fire Education Center near the Tanger Outlet mall. This place was AWESOME!! Built through a partnership between the City of North Charleston and American LaFrance who manufactures fire trucks. Part museum and part fire safety education center, the building itself is very nice and the history of fire fighting is traced beginning in the early 19th century. I don't know how many fire trucks are on display but its a LOT and they are super cool! Will was pretty impressed with all the trucks but he liked all the interactive stuff the best. There is a kids play area in the middle where they can slide down a firehouse pole, climb a fire truck ladder or go down a slide. There is also a BUNCH of other educational stations throughout the building that address fire safety in a fun and interesting way. The only thing that Will did not like was the talking mannequin(robot/android?) fireman stationed on a ladder truck. When you got close enough to him, he would look at you and start talking about fighting fires and safety. Big Will was NOT down with that. Anyway, it was pretty cool overall and only cost 6$ as kids under 13 are free. Check it out!
Later on, Dena came over and had dinner with us so we called it a pretty satisfying day all the way around.

All of this notwithstanding, the big winner this weekend was LAWTON! His brother was going to FLA to purchase a new boat and asked Lawt to come along for the ride. They left yesterday about 5:30 PM and drove ALL THE WAY to Stuart, FL last night. For those of you who don't know (and don't be ashamed, no one else knows where this town is either) Stuart is about 100 miles before you get to Miami. MIAMI!!! Who drives to Miami?!?! These men are insane about their boats! Anyway, they got there about 1 AM and apparently had a prearranged place to crash - the floor of some guy that worked on the water taxi last summer who was at Sea School in Stuart and living in a dorm room with his brother. I mean, talk about hard core road trip! Lawton said he started out on a blow up mattress that basically became a blow up hammock by the time he woke up. So up and out the door to meet the boat owner. The transaction itself took a little longer than anticipated so I don't think they got on the road until about 11. To drive back to Mt. Pleasant. From almost to Miami. Anyway, a little before Jacksonville, it becomes apparent that one of the wheels on the trailer is not loving I-95 and they pull into West Marine in Jacksonville to replace it. St. Christopher was looking out for these two crazies for real because they got there literally 2 minutes before the store closed. So back on the road again for more quality time. My guess for Lawton actually arriving home is 11:30. Insanity. I can't think of much of anything that would get me to round trip almost 1000 miles in a little over 24 hours but to each his own!

Well, I know that was a long post, but there was a lot of stuff to cover. I need to go to work so that I can get some rest! We are all beat but happy. Lots of fun and good times were had by all!

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Dena said...

What a PACKED weekend - I am just glad y'all had time to squeeze me in!!! Dinner was good but the company was wonderful - Watching Will eat chewy tacos was the highlight..I did miss Celi - she always entertains me and I can't wait to hear all the details of the 1000 mile journey! Lawton and Scott are brave souls!