Friday, June 29, 2007

New squatters

We have a new family! Something went wrong with the last nest and the parents abandoned it. I waited for about a week to see if they were around but eventually had to throw the nest away. What was interesting was that as soon as I got rid of the abandoned nest, the parents came right back and rebuilt. Now we have new babies on the way! I think the fern is a goner because I am not watering it - but if it gets us bird babies, then so be it!

Just so you are not disappointed by the lack of my usual sardonic writing style, I would like to point out that the white cottony stuff in the nest are the insides of cigarette filters. We have rock star birds at Casa de Connelly. No namby pamby birds for us! Pin It

1 comment:

Dena said...

Your birds are hard core - it must be reminders of the good old days of bars and ciggies pre kids!