Sunday, July 1, 2007

Love at first sight?

Meet the newest member of the Connelly family, Frank. Doesn't he look thrilled to be here? Like he just can't contain his joy? Like he isn't hiding his light under a bushel? Poor kitty - he goes from a relatively quiet life to our house. Ugh. We got him this morning - his owner is military is can't keep him and even though we need another pet NOT AT ALL, I just can't resist a Siamese in need. He'll settle in soon enough - I give it a week before he and Tai are total BFFs. I mean, how could ANYONE resist this face?

Speaking of which, Tai went walkabout over the weekend and scared me half to death. I don't understand these animals. If someone fed me, held/petted me, let me sleep as much as I wanted and expected me to do absolutely nothing except be friendly and not pee on the floor, I would have no desire to go running off. Anyway, he is home now - thank goodness! Pin It

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Dena said...

SERIOUSLY??? Okay - I get the HINT! I am never coming to Casa de Cats again!