Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Thunderdome, Connelly style

So Frank (named thus so far) is settling in pretty well. He and Winnie have become pretty friendly, but he is still not down with Tai. So last night, I am trying to trim Frank's claws and he isn't very happy about it. At about claw number four he exploded (as only a cat can) howling, growling and twisting around. I don't think he was attacking me - I think he was just trying to get away. Anyway, TaiTai apparently isn't cool with Frank "attacking" his momma, so he comes LITERALLY flying through the air from off the ottoman, lands on Frank and proceeds to explain the law of the land. Frank takes off leaving Tai puffed up to three times his normal size with a mouthful of seal point fur. And looking very satisfied with himself, too, I might add.
Later, when Lawton and I were going to bed, there was some serious jockeying for position among the four leggeds for their spots on the bed. Tai posted himself on my chest and Winnie was in her usual spot between Lawton and I. Frank starts making his way up to where Tai is and starts growling and carrying on. Tai begins making his battle cry and Winnie got busy trying to become invisible. I am not moving a muscle for fear of a battle taking place on my stomach. Lawton starts chanting, "Two cats enter, one cat leaves, two cats enter, one cat leaves." At which point I die laughing and everybody takes off. They must have worked something out because I didn't really hear any ruckus last night and everyone was still in one piece this morning. Maybe I should change our name from Casa de Connelly to the Connelly Zoo. Much more appropriate! Pin It

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Dena said...

Give me a call when one of the felines runs for da hills!