Wednesday, August 15, 2007

La Vida Loca

Recipe for a completely insane life:

One round trip flight to Denver in 24 hours, the return leg with a five year old

Two lost pieces of luggage, one of which is a car seat

One additional five year old for a total of three kids 5 and under

One Volvo station wagon not meant to carry three car seats in back but doing so anyway

Two households moving on same weekend in hottest month of the year, one coming in from Denver this Friday (remember that school starts for us Tuesday)

Six days to get above listed children ready for school

One fourth birthday which lands on the first day of school

Thirteen uniform shirts to be monogrammed (not cheap, btw)

One Grandma in town for seven days (not that I am complaining AT ALL)

Combine all ingredients in large house, shake with a generous helping of Lexapro and Bud Light, serve hot and sweaty over a helping of unfinished work, as in JOB.

These proportions will only make enough for one, possibly two lives, so be sure to adjust yours accordingly. Pin It

1 comment:

Dena said...

Wow - that is la vida loca - can't wait to hear how dottie's trip went and how the kids did on their first days at the new school and house!