Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I will miss about Summerville:

13. Continental Corner - my introduction to serious Greek food
12. Leaving my car running outside downtown shops and not worrying about it
11. Monogrammed EVERYTHING!
10. Laurel Street Playground - always someone to chat with
9. Breakfast at Eva's - where the people watching makes up for the horrible coffee
8. The geech accent so specific to old Summervillians - I'm officially bilingual now
7. Friday night lights, I mean, Green Wave Football
6. Everyone knowing, or wanting to know, who my "people" are
5. By Invitation Only - where I will still buy what little stationary I do purchase
4. The Journal Scene - gossip thinly veiled as news - gotta love it!
3. Our first house - so much blood, sweat, tears and money - can't believe it's gone
2. Dena - my very bestest Summerville friend
1. Bubba and Dottie - who I know we'll still see a ton, but not around the corner

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Amy said...

Love your blog! Hope the move goes well...

Dena said...

Soooo SAD you are movin' - you know you gonna have to come to me cause I don't go past da publix or da target! I don't even know where west ashley be!