Monday, August 27, 2007

Who's a BIG girl?!

So Friday night, Dr. Dottie and Josh were visiting and I asked her to look at Celi's loose teeth (that still hadn't come out yet!) Her permanent teeth are already well on their way in behind the babies, so they needed to get out da way. Since they were so loose, Celi and Dottie decided to pull them out but to use some Ambesol so that it didn't pinch too bad. They popped right out and Celi was AWESOME! There were a few tears but she was pretty stoked about the tooth fairy and being one of the only kids in class that has lost teeth already. I'd be stoked about the tooth fairy too if I was her - there was $15 in her envelope!!!!!!

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Dena said...

Way to go Celi and Dr. Dottie and Tooth Fairy!

Anonymous said...

Found you doing a Summerville search (you know, for other moms) funny that your son just had a birthday - my daughter's birthday is today. My "baby" is 10 though and my other "baby" is 16! Enjoy them because time sure does fly! She is already wearing my shoe size and "borrowing" my high heels and my son is taller than me :o( It all happens in the blink of an eye! We are a military family and have lived all over, but this is my hometown (Charleston, anyway) and I feel a great place to raise a family. Congrats to loosing that tooth, kiddo!
Take Care!

Jeffcoat House said...

How much do that tooth fairy give for already grown teeth? I think I can spare some.