Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bwhahahaha!!! or Noooooo!!!! Part 2

So while my poor children were being deloused last night they began snarking at each other. Tired, upset about lice, etc., were all contributing factors of course but the picking reached new heights when they were in the bathtub. (at 10:30)

Here is the conversation:
Will - stop scratching your front bottom - that's so roode!!!(rude, in Willspeak)
Celi - (deadpan) maybe I have lice too
Will (screaming) - no Celi! lice is only on you head! you so roode!!!! (crying wailing howling furious at this point)
Celi - (totally serious, completely deadpan delivery) - maybe I have bottom lice.
Will - (now totally infuriated, almost in hysterics) - noooooo!!! you stop bein' so roooode!!! stop it stop it stop it stop it!!!!!!

Of course, Lawt and I fall out laughing which sends poor Will right over the cliff. He totally loses his mind and proceeds to scream at all of us for being "roode".
Ahhhh. Did I mention that it was 10:30 at night? I love being me. No one has as much as me - I'm sure of it.

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Dena said...

Girl - your house is NUTS!!! So you got the lice already? DANG - it might be that gym you be workin out in!!! They never got it in The VILLE!

LeslieW. said...

To be a fly on the wall, too funny. I laughed out Dena's comment too. She better watch out...she could be next!