Thursday, September 13, 2007

Holding on by a thread.

Husband out of the country since Saturday. Can't post because too tired to think. PLUS, as usual, when I get on a good posting roll, stupid work gets busy and therefore cramps my style. This is because I usually post at work. Because I'm that person. On the phone, paying bills, making appointments, surfing the net, posting to blog etc. However, when duty calls I must respond, sooooo I will do better after this weekend. Don't forget about me!!!

PS. Our back yard neighbors have a Doberman Pincher that is about to meet it's maker if they don't BRING IT INSIDE!!! No one wants to hear your freakin' dog bark all night!!! Grrrrrrr....

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1 comment:

Dena said...

Welcome back if but for a moment - I KNEW there was going to be SOMETHING that wasn't OVER the MOON in WA! hahahaha!

Hang on the weekend is ALMOST here!