Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Never Ending Party

Like I have said before, while I love socializing and being on the go, the whirlwind way we live can definitely wear us out. This past weekend, we headed up to Columbia to watch my Gamecocks try to play some football. They won, but it weren't pretty. But that's another story. Anyway, we pawned the ratties off on my parents for the weekend and hung with Tim, Tara and associated family/friends for the game. Tailgating was AWESOME - good food, great company, fantastic weather - it couldn't have been much better. We spent the night and headed home the next morning. We were almost back to WA when we got a phone call that Scott and Marie were having people over for her birthday, so the mad scramble to unpack, shower/dress, bake and shop for a gift began! Again, we had good food, good company, nice weather but I was pooped. I finally got to meet Vinnie (Anthony's bro) and he, Anthony and Lea came to the "after party" (HAH!) at our house. When the guys started watching Apocalypto, I peaced out and started getting ready for bed. Anywho, guess I really was tired 'cuz I didn't wake up until NOON yesterday! I can't remember the last time I did that - the worst part is that around 3 I was wanting a nap! The super sweet Dottie went to get the kids for us (HUGE treat) and they got in around 7:30 and had to go straight to bed as punishment for being MONSTERS on the way home. They weren't happy about that at all, but like we always say, "you do bad, you get bad". But it worked out, because then we got to watch the Clemson game in relative peace. Very long story short, I am EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!! Oh well, I can sleep when I'm dead.

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Jeffcoat House said...

Sweet tailgating! Easy on the Carolina boys, they will get better- um, maybe. BTW, your hair looks tres chic I haven't seen you since it was cut!

Dena said...

How bout those TIGERS!!!! That's the way we roll and dude - I didn't see the game but with the score I can' imagine it weren't too pretty! And I can say without question a CLEMSON TAILGATE - oh sooo much better dan a COCKY one!!

BTW - when did we get the new do? super sassy frass!

PS - what were you expecting it's still CAROLINA!

Pat Jenkins said...

how about those tigers is right!! doesn't get any easier for the cocks this weekend huh. you have to be happy with a sloppy win, instead of no win at all. good luck!!!

Buffie said...

LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD!!! Haven't seen you either since your hair was cut completely off...what up? That was a complete blogworthy post...tooo cute!!!!