Tuesday, September 18, 2007


This is making me so crazy that I can barely even put in out there but since I share the ups, I guess I have to share the downs. Will came home with head lice today. I know it is common in childhood, easy to get rid of, doesn't mean you're nasty, etc., but seriously, WILL HAS LICE!!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaaaaarrrrgggghhhh! We have already treated the kids and are now working on washing everything in the house which means that I will be doing laundry from now until the alarm goes off. Which is at 5:50 AM in case anyone is interested.

The good thing is that Will is not the first in his class - I know that doesn't really matter, but at least I know it's not us that started this problem. The school sent a note home today that someone already had it. Hah! Celi was checked at the nurse yesterday and passed inspection so hopefully Will's mild case is all we'll see. Apparently, however, this is "lice season." Who knew? I mean, it's not in my Day Timer or on my desk calendar or even on my Google schedule page. Shouldn't that be in some parenting orientation handbook or something??

The bad thing is that I am having HORRIBLE psycho-somatic itching myself. While there is no known cure for craziness, there is a treatment and it's called Bud. Light, that is. Over the counter, no prescription necessary.

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LeslieW. said...

That's devastating and funny all at the same time.