Friday, September 21, 2007

On a more serious note...

So today is Will's first day on meds for ADHD. For a little bit of background, we have seen a child psychologist as well as a child psychiatrist off and on over the past year because of Will's behavior at preschool and at home. The last three years have been hard in the child rearing department because even though we love him so so so much, the constant whirling around, escaping, hurting himself, up/down half the night, defiance, etc., has really worn us down. However, the most important thing is that we equip him with the tools he needs to be happy, successful and fulfilled in life and if that means we need medical help to do that, then so be it. This child was the easiest, sweetest, most affectionate baby and to be able to get that back, albeit in 4 year old form, would be the best thing to ever happen to us. We want to enjoy him, watch him grow, support and encourage him - not run/fuss behind him every moment of every day simply so he doesn't kill himself. I so hope this helps; this is my son, my child, my ultimate job, my greatest responsibility and I want him to have the very very best life he can. Please keep us in your prayers as we start this new phase in parenting.

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Dena said...

Wow! I will be curious to hear how that goes! I just thought he was a mini YOU! heheheheheheh!

Anonymous said...

You need to change your about us. Will is now 4.

Buffie said...

Hang in there girl....I know it is hard and a hard decision to make. I validate that you are doing all you can as a Mother!!! You are an awesome Mother too!!!

Anonymous said...

heyya my names megan ,

it is fasinating to see other kids like your son that have had the same problem , but not to worry.

this might sound weriod but i typed in google images adhd backgrounds as i am wanting to write a poem about life with adhd. I clicked on your picture and found they was a guestbook. I read all about what has gone on in willams life and really reflected it. some people with ADHD have a sence of humour and loads of talents such as sports there bubbly loyal kind trustworthy (sum times) and they really are outgoing.

well i am 13 years old.
i live in redditch and i got diagnosed with ADHD when i was 12 my mum new i had it ever since i was born because all i did was stay awake 24/7 this might not occur to willam but my biological father as i call him now took drugs and my mum decided to leave him as he was wasting time with his life and my mum diddnt want to get involved so she kicked him out... 2 weeks later my mum found out she was pregnant. with me. i have had nothing to do with him for all my life, my mum keeps on askin if i wanna go n see him but there is no point if he wanted to wreck my life. that low life chav is proberly living on the streets freezing cold. but i now have a brother called seamus and a proper dad called simon who my mum met when i was three months and married him. my life couldent of being better. three years later when i was three and a bit my brother was born seamus. he is a nightmare hehe.

anyway more to the point of me
ive left all that shit with mah biological father behind and
forgot about it! i have had restless nights all the time i still do now im 13. i have had so much hyperactivity going on it is unbelieveable! im on 54mg of concerter which is a 10 hour dosage that doesnt leave you with ups and downs like ritalin. it gives out a bit of the tablet when your brain thinks it needs it. i am now in high school and it has got to be the most best school i have being to because of my tablets abling me to consentrate =) i went down hill about 3 weeks ago due to the fact me and my mate connor (also and adhd boy) got locked out side of the school during a break in between double technology connor said move out the way and i will kick the door down and i sed no i will do it and i kicked the window my mates let me in and started laughing at me and i said what are you laughing at and they said look what you have done megan! and i diddnt realise what i had done until i seen the smashed window, but it is nothing to be proud of everything went pear shaped but it is back to normal i dont hang round with them people that will make me end up working in mc donalds no more because ive atchully listened to my mum :O

well look at me yapping away sorry lol

i hope you realise my side of the story and see if it relates abit to what willam is like

i wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year

if you want to contact me then my email address is

cya soon xXx