Sunday, September 2, 2007


For those of you don't know, one of the two or three remaining local radio stations we have here in Charleston has officially gone to the freakin' dogs. We now have Chuck 96.1 FM instead of 96 Wave, which, for those of you who don't know, has been a Charleston institution for almost 20 years. What we as listeners have been rewarded with is a "radio station" that has no DJ's and plays nothing but commercials and preprogrammed play lists run by some stupid satellite. Do the people who are making these decisions not realize that Charleston has a THRIVING music scene that in large part was made possible by the dedication to local music that 96 Wave showed for almost two decades?!?! When I was a young teenager, I remember them showcasing local music every Sunday night for years. They created Wave Fest so that we could have inexpensive access to regionally popular bands, they kept our community informed before, during and after Hurricane Hugo, they had their finger on the pulse of teen and college listeners for a long time. I know the station hasn't been as strong at it was in its heyday but to be replaced with some this completely LAME, STUPID, ASININE, BIG BROTHER, NO SOUL HAVING PIG FODDER is totally reprehensible! Is the Charleston market so unworthy or naive that we don't deserve or warrant a radio station with halfway intelligent programming and flavor? Are we all so iPodded that we don't care about having a local station, even if you don't love the genre? I can't, as a lifetime Charlestonian, believe that the answer to that questions is yes. Anyone who cares about local involvement by our media needs to COMPLAIN and to COMPLAIN LOUDLY! Excuse my language, but I have two words for this. F*CK CHUCK.
Critic, Southern Avenger, Atom Taylor, Richard Todd, wherever you are, HELP US!!!

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Dena said...

I don't remember the last time I listened to the radio (well at work but I can't hear it) I am CD XM IPOD queen - girl the pulsers are getting old and it's expensive!

Sorry Chuckie - find a new station or use your XM like da rest of us!