Friday, October 19, 2007

Hot time in the big town

So I drove to Columbia yesterday evening to go to Maroon 5 with Tara. We hung at her house for a little while then headed over to see the show. While walking in, who did I spy but Dena, Leigh Ann and her cute hubby whose name I can't remember (sorry!). Funny that I haven't seen her in two months and then run into her at a concert in Columbia. I should have guess that my girl would be where da party at! The show was good - they sound very good in person, which is always a pleasant surprise. Tara and I decided that it may make us old farts to say this, but we think NO ONE is as good as DMB live when they were at their peak. Now THAT was off the hook! Dena says that Maroon V should change their name to "Adam Levine and the 4 effers who back him up", which was pretty much the case. Funny stuff.

The best part of the evening took place around 12:00 AM on my way home where I had an unscheduled appointment with a state trooper around Orangeburg. It turns out that the police do not approve of going 84 mph in a 70 mph zone when it is raining. Note to self - no speeding when raining. Oh well, better luck next time.

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Dena said...

Hahahaha- I laughed all night about the girls being so screamy! What a fun surprise to see you!!!
They were much better in person than I thought they would be!
but who don't love a concert?

The Birds Nest said...

What a nice surprise to run into you!! I liked the fact that the girlies could text their messages and they were put on the big screens!!