Wednesday, December 17, 2008

How do it know?

Here in furniture land, this is a historically slow time of every year, stock market/recession notwithstanding. Combine that with the current economic situation and we have progressed WAY past slow and onto mind numbingly stopped. Which brings me around to the personal side of this time of year, which is historically insanely busy. What forces of the universe bring these two counter currents into juxtaposition? WHY WHY WHY am a stuck here at work with absolutely NOTHING to do and when the Christmas to do list is a freaking mile long?! Combine the stress of unfinished list with the fact that no business equals no money and you are sure to understand why I am losing my mind right now. Not that it takes much, mind you.

Also, simply because my mere existence isn't embarrassing enough, this morning I upped the ante with my big mouth. Biting into a chocolate eclair that was supplied for a coworkers birthday, I was surprised with an explosion of filling on my chin, the shock of which made me drop the whole damn thing on the floor in front of everyone. Coworkers all collapse in hysterics and I blurt out without thinking, "Well, I wasn't expecting cream to explode out onto my chin!" They went crazy.

So not only did I have eclair filling all over the lower half of my face, I then had to clean up the floor before the crazy ass janitor saw it and lectured me in whatever language it is that he speaks.

So many jokes, so little time.

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