Monday, January 19, 2009

Blond Ambition, Part Two

I am one of those people who was pretty much born holding a cell phone to their ear. I refuse to use Bluetooth but I do have a headset for when I just really can't drive, talk, drink coffee and play technical director for the kids' electronics. So you can imagine my dismay when I picked up my trusty sidekick and found that it was powered off. No big deal, right? WRONG - it wouldn't come back on! Very distressed by this, I get on AT&T's website first thing and can find no indication of how to resolve this problem. So at my first opportunity, I dash to the store, which is not exactly around the corner.

Helpful sales guy: "What brings you in today? Anything I can help with?"
Me: "My phone won't come on. It worked yesterday, but this morning, it doesn't."

Helpful: "Well, let's take a look. What's your number?"
So I tell him. While he is looking up the number in the computer, I hear the very distinct sound of my phone turning on.

Me: "How did you do that?!" (amazed, in case you can't tell)
Helpful: I pushed the power button. (not smirky, but amused, I can tell)
Me: "What?! I pushed that button a million times this morning!!!"
Helpful: "Which button were you pushing?"
I point out the one.
Helpful: "That's the camera."

I can't remember the last time my face flushed like that. My husband likes to say that you have to be at least ten percent smarter than the machine you are trying to operate. What does it mean to not even be ten percent smarter than a very basic cell phone? I mean, that's about the same smartness as a loaf of bread! GAWD.

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JCK said... This sounds like something that would SO happen to me. Glad it happens to other people!

Thanks so much for coming by my blog today - of all days, with the amazing inauguration taking place.