Monday, January 12, 2009

There's creatures in my house, y'all

Sunday morning was going really well. I had been awake and up for about six minutes and was enjoying the day. Should have known that it was entirely too quiet and serene to last. Frank went out, just like every morning, and I began making coffee
and chatting with Celi. Suddenly there was a noise under my house that sounded like
a combination of thunder, a howler monkey on acid and screeching tires. I run for the door, get outside and realize that it's raining and I am barefoot. Run back inside to get shoes and the husband (still sleeping peacefully, which I was happy about), yelling, "Daddy! Help us, help us"! This probably was not the nicest way to wake him up but I couldn't help it - it sounded like a bloodbath was going on under the house. I grab Shelley's snow boots and charge back out the door, picking up an umbrella on my way. As I round the corner into the backyard, I spy the shovel (no idea why it was out) and grab it, too. There was no way in hell that some rabid wolverine or whatever was going to run out and attack me without getting knocked into next week! Lawton comes running out, dressed and wielding a flashlight, catches a look at me and begins laughing. A lot. Once again, I find myself in awe of the bravery and tenacity of Jack Russell terriers as my 13 pound dog shot under the house like a rocket. That bitch is FEARLESS when it comes to critter hunting! Next thing I know, the screeching thunder started up again and a tomcat came running out as fast as I have EVER seen. I didn't know cats could run that fast and I've had a lot of cats. I really am not sure if it even WAS a cat - there was not much other than a grey blur! The dog was in hot pursuit of course but the wolverine/cat made it to the fence in time to escape, which was a good thing because I'm not sure Winnie would have wanted a piece of that. I still have the umbrella and shovel just in case the cat wasn't the worst culprit, but it turns out he was working alone. Frank came strolling out a few minutes later, unharmed and unaffected, completely nonchalant about the fact that two people and a dog came to his rescue. I mean, I was in the rain, wearing my blue PJ's, black snow boots, holding a pink umbrella and a yellow shovel ready to defend him against the murderous wolverine gang! Ingrate.

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i am the diva said...

thanks for dropping by my blog!! sounds like you have a helluva pooch there! lol @ your geddup. :)