Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Zumba class, or, confirmation of aforestated cosmic curse theory

We have had a few temperate weeks here in the Chuck, and pleasant weather always makes me think about summer. Which makes me think about the beach. Which makes me think about bathing suits. Which makes me think about myself naked. Which makes me think about rejoining the land of those who exercise. In a completely random fit of zeal, I decided to go to the (yes, singular) Zumba class held at my gym this week. I called ahead, just be sure that I had the time correct and to see if, by some insane chance, that I needed to be there early to sign in. (I've heard horror stories about spin class, so I wanted to be prepared.)

Bear in mind that this is the first time in five months that I have even darkened the door of my most excellently shabby gym, so I am really out of shape, even by my slack standards. So, I check in, ask which studio they are using for The Big Z, and am told that Bambi, or whatever, is sick tonight, so no Zumba. Melanie will be teaching a hip hop class instead. Even though I am very disappointed, and quite sure that this class isn't what I want to do, I can't say no as the instructor is standing there looking at me with this hopeful expression. Sure, I say, that will be fun! It wasn't. Not only was it the teacher's very. first. time. teaching., it was fairly apparent that she is not left handed. Not going to be overly critical here in the privacy of the innerweb, but lets just say that my right side is feelin' it. The left, not so much. When it came time for the "face-off", I took my cue and fled to the safety of the weights area, where I proceeded to putz around a little, trying to digest what had just happened to me. I wonder if Bambi will be feeling better by next week - it can't be much worse.

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Elysa Henegar said...

This made me laugh out loud. Perhaps if you have this instructor a second time, you could do the exercises facing the wall and work out the other half of your body.:)

Suburban Turmoil said...

HA HA HA. Sorry. But HA HA HA. That is crazy! Try again for the Zumba- I bet you'll like it!