Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shaken, not stirred

OK, the last 24 hours have been a little surreal. Because I have a tendency towards long posts, I am going to keep it short by doing this bullet style.

- BIG Facebook mix up. Much drama yesterday afternoon that was reaching the point of insanity before it was revealed what had actually happened. There will be much plotting and scheming the demise of the individuals responsible for this chaos. More details to follow.

- My daughter has a Strep A infection...downstairs. Yep, at seven years old, the poor thing has been introduced to the downside of being a chick. Hopefully the antibiotic will nuke this thing ASAP.

- I went to fill Will's Vyvanse and it turns out we are missing eleven pills. This is a controlled substance similar to Ritalin, so this is not good for several different reasons, first and foremost, because he needs it, not to mention that it's expensive and WHERE DID IT GO?

- Extraordinary sales meeting this morning. Not the subject matter so much, but the presenter. Middle aged guy wearing a zoot suit for lack of a better description. Black and white pinstripes, hot pink polka dot bow tie, suspenders, Fedora (jauntily cocked to the side of course), Aviator sunglasses, several rings, a couple of bracelets and, wait for it, a SPRAY TAN!!! Awesome way to start the day.

- Science night and book fair last night at Celi's school, Girl Scouts tonight, soccer and t-ball this Saturday. Sigh...

- Helga is in the shop for a new timing belt amongst other possibilities, which thrills me to no end, seeing as how the selfish biyatch just got all new tires last week! Seriously.

- Most importantly, Lindsey from Suburban Turmoil commented on my blog! I have arrived!!!

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1 comment:

WM said...

Do you have a dog ? I think the dog may have taken the Vyvanse and snorted it. Dogs are wierd that way.

But seriously, your poor little girl. My heart goes out to her. Chick challenges like that are no picnic.