Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons I Am Looking Forward To Warm Weather:

13. Observing people getting crazier and crazier due to the heat.
12. Not feeling like it's the middle of the night when the alarm goes off.
11. House shaking thunderstorms - although nerve wracking, still so impressive.
10. Staying at the beach so long that my kids go to bed waaay early.
9. TOMATOES! This is very important to me - probably my favorite food overall.
8. All other fruits and veggies that are so tasty in the summer.
7. Gamecock Baseball (at least we're good at something)
6. Being able to actually see and enjoy your pedicure.
5. The smell of lawns being mowed.
4. Getting a tiny bit of color on my white self.
3. The good movies coming out so you can escape the heat in an ice cold theater.
2. Crabbing, boating, fishing - anything on the water.
1. All the cookouts, get togethers, parties, weddings - so much to do!

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