Thursday, July 28, 2011

13 Things That There Should Be Some Kind of Law Against

13. Driver's license photos being actually taken at the DMV. I think you should be able to bring your own, have it approved for accuracy, and then scanned into the computer.

12. Speedos on anyone not chasing a gold medal. The medallion on one's necklace does not count.

11. Truck nuts. I'm serious about this one - this annoys me so bad I want to get out of my own car and go all Mia Hamm on them.

10. Road construction during anytime other than the middle of the day or at night. Having to battle a steamroller at morning rush hour is not the way I'd like to start my day.

09. Feet hanging over the over the ends of shoes. You look way less dumb in big shoes that fit rather than stuffing your hoof into something two sizes too small.

08. Speaker phone. It has it's place. That place is not for every phone call ESPECIALLY when you are in an open office environment. (that is fancy talk for cubicles)

07. Bra straps showing knowingly i.e., racer back tank with regular bra. They are called undergarments for a reason - they go UNDER your clothes.

06. Retractable dog leashes always set on extend or attack or whatever it is. If I want to commune with your dog, I will go to it. I do not wish to be entwined in it's 40 foot leash or slobbered/jumped on without having a say in the matter.

05. Being extremely picky about food. You are not that special, I promise. Unless it will kill you or make you extremely ill, you freaking eat it. Extreme pickiness is some kind of personality defect imo.

04. The word irregardless. There is no such animal and you saying it repeatedly does not bring it into existence.

03. Third person speak. We are not the Queen, so let's please refer to ourselves by the singular personal pronouns approved for correct grammar.

02. Chain letters via email. I will take my freaking chances, thank you very much.

01. Grocery stores stocking in the middle of the freaking weekend day in the middle of the freaking aisle. DO NOT MAKE IT CHALLENGING FOR ME TO GIVE YOU MY MONEY.

I have plenty more where that came from but I'd like to hear yours! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think...

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Michelle said...

#s 1, 2, and 9 I completely agree with!

BTW...I'm glad you're back in blog-mode. I always enjoyed reading it. :-)

bereccah said...

Thanks Michelle! Appreciate you dropping by. :-)