Friday, August 19, 2011

Oh My Gosh Becky Look At Her Butt

So yesterday I’m at Bertha’s Kitchen with my friend Becky. She is in line ahead of me, and just about to pay. I notice a man kind of standing to my right, just in my line of vision, obviously trying to get eye contact with me. Here goes the conversation:

Me: how you doing? (which is what I say to everyone.)

Him: Soul food, huh?

Me: Yep. I’m here at least three or four times a month.

Him: Well, it’s paying off (looks at my ass) It’s going to all the right places.

Me: speechless

Him: Y’all together? (looking at Becky, who already has it both coming and going and is pregnant on top of that)

Me: Yes, we are.

Him: (eyeing Becky’s rack) Paying off for her too.

Me: Um, thanks?

Just thought I’d share. Happy Friday…

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Becky Hoppmann said...

Hah!! Too funny... shake what ya momma gave ya is what I say! And I cannot wait to go back for some more of that Okra stew!

bereccah said...

We will definitely be back for some okra stew...YUM. That comment was so ridiculous that I wasn't even offended. Ha!

Dena said...

get hit on one soul food diner at a time -thatsmygirl!

bereccah said...

Maybe I should start making the rounds. There could be other admirers, just waiting in the wings. ;-)