Thursday, August 11, 2011

Small Town Frivolity, or Thirteen Events You Should Not Miss!

I love going to the country. I love traveling back roads and wandering through out of the way places. One of my favorite things, however, are small town festivals. Here is where the real colors of a one stop sign type place are truly flown. So, in honor of small towns everywhere, I have compiled a Thursday Thirteen "must see" list of festivals from rural communities and small towns across South Carolina.

13. The Yemassee Shrimp Festival in Yemassee. Not only is the food sure to be outstanding, anything that has a "Battle of the Shrimp" event has GOT to be good.

12. Puddin' Swamp and Stripe Bass Festival in Turbeville. Three days of celebrating Bass Fishing. Hell to the yeah!

11. Flopeye Fish Festival in Great Falls. Got it's moniker from the nickname of a gentlemen with unfortunate eyelids. You can bet that any festival with origins in ridicule has my name alllllll over it.

10. Mighty Moo Festival in Cowpens. This one actually has patriotic roots and celebrates the distinguished service of the light carrier USS Cowpens, nicknamed the "Mighty Moo". I just love the name so much that I had to include it.

09. Allendale County Cooter Festival in Allendale. Calm down perverts - this involves turtles, who are for some reason nicknamed cooters. There is semi-pro wrestling and turtle races. Does it get any better than that?

08. Lamar Egg Scramble Jamboree in Lamar. I don't know the back story, but I do like scrambled eggs, so I'd definitely check it out.

07. World Grits Festival in St. George. Firstly, grits are awesome. Secondly, one contest involves rolling in grits to try to accumulate the most on your body, which I cannot decide is fantastic or disgusting.

06. SC Poultry Festival in Leesville. (If you are sensing a food theme here it's because hello?! we're Southern and eating is serious business in these parts.) Anyway, this festival celebrates the largest agri-business in South Carolina - poultry!

05. The Schuetzenfest in Ehrhardt. I'll give you one guess as to what this is all about. Coincides with the opening of deer hunting season, for those of you whose German is rusty.

04. Pine Straw Festival in Patrick. No idea what this is about but it celebrates pine trees. Sounds groovy, man.

03. Central Railroad Festival in Central. Yes, that is the name of the town. This one is GREAT if you have sons - it is TRAINTASTIC. The town was formed at a railroad junction and this festival is a little boys paradise.

02. Hampton County Watermelon Festival in Hampton. One of the oldest continuous festivals in the state, it's just a darn good time. Street dancing+mud runs+pet shows+watermelon seed spitting contests=FABULOUS.

01. Aynor Harvest Hoe-Down in Aynor. Small town hosts a BIG festival that includes everything good thing you can think of and then some. Another long running event that has grown over the years to have about 26,000 attendees and has contributed ongoing financial support to various community projects.

So, there you have it. Year round fun in small towns all around the lovely state of South Carolina. Check it out!

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Angieaprilfool said...

One of our peculiar festivals around these parts (Aiken County) is the Salley, SC Chitlin Strut-- with parades, pageant, and music, not to mention Southern delicacies. And our own city of Aiken holds the Lobster Races in May, where we race, use guessed it, live lobsters.

bereccah said...

ARGGGGHGHHHHH!!!! How did I forget the Chiltlin Strut?!?! I had no idea about the Lobster Races - that sounds awesome...