Monday, August 15, 2011

This Is Not What I Had In Mind

I'm a mom who also works outside the home. While I am very thankful to have a stable, steady job, the work/child challenges that come with it can be extremely difficult sometimes. And since school starts tomorrow, I was looking forward to staying home and hanging out with the kiddos today. We busted hump all weekend to make sure that the laundry was done, the school stuff was ready, the uniforms prepped, so that the kids and I could do something fun together. Not only did my children want to stay home, they wanted to stay home and do nothing. NOTHING.

Refusing to see the writing on the wall, I decided that we would at least do a couple of errands because I'm GOING to be organized dammit. I even grouped them together in order to make better use of fuel. (yes, somewhere along the line, I've lost it)

The first stop was at school. Those of you who I am in regular contact may remember that the reigning 2011 Mother of the Year, yours truly, forgot to go the meet the teacher last week. Not only was that cause for a diatribe against and to myself about being more organized and prepared, but it made me feel terrible. The other side effect of this was that I was not able to drop off school supplies, and since half the parents supply for basically the entire class, the load of stuff is not small.

So we go today, so that I can hopefully drop of the supplies and write the bazillion checks for who knows what all before the absolute craziness that is the first day of school amplified by 1000 because of severe overcrowding plus no parking. Nope. No entry. Access denied, which almost caused me to swear. Almost. Well, maybe I did, but it was just in my own head.

Not to be deterred, we go to the next stop, which is the library. That was an adventure for reasons I'll keep to myself for fear of being crucified in the comments (if I had any).

Next stop - the post office. All I wanted to do was park, go in, and use the machine to buy stamps. That is it. No packages, delivery receipts - nothing! Turn into the parking lot and there is nowhere to put the car. Not one single solitary spot. I mean, is it Christmas and I missed the build up? WTH? However, I force myself to remain calm and not start muttering under my breath like I usually do because I'm the new and improved Mommy. Who is organized and has patience to infinity, right? Right.

We swing by the dry cleaners and everything is cool. Things are looking up, so we press on to Costco, where I've decided that we will lunch as well as shop. Since my stomach is growling, lunch is first on the agenda. We approach the door where the customer service counter is so that we can make a direct approach to the snack bar. The woman at that door insists that we enter the other door and walk all the way around. Which bugs me because it's pedantic and there is not much that chaps my ass more than pedantic-ism or whatever.

Aside: Cecilia has had the worst time sleeping since about May and had a bad night last night. I woke her up at 8 so that she actually had a shot at going to sleep tonight. Therefore she is tired, grouchy and emotional. So she's dragging around Costco, whining and slouching and just generally being completely disagreeable.

We get a couple of things and head to the self check, which actually works, unlike pretty much everywhere else. Works except when Will is with me and can.not.keep. his hands off the rollers at the end of the belt, which causes my register to go berserk. Get that taken care of and decide to skip lunch because of someones rotten attitude. Go home and make sandwiches.

Guess what we are doing now? Nothing. At home. Just like they wanted. I should listen to them more often, I suppose, because the two hours we spent fighting the universe just wasn't worth it.

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Angieaprilfool said...

Blech! The gods conspired against you just when you had every intention of being productive! Man, that sucks! I always find that I am at my most frustrated when my expectation become a reality.