Wednesday, August 24, 2011

True Confessions

I have a dirty little secret. Are you sitting down? Yes? Okay, here goes.

I let my kids eat in front of the tv. There, I said it. I'm sitting here as I type watching them watch Shrek while eating their couscous, sauteed squash and zucchini and grilled chicken. They are drinking low fat white milk. We've been interacting since 4:15, we did homework, we did some chores, etc. But we're supposed to be sitting down to a healthy and delicious happy family dinner, right?

There are multiple reasons for said eating situation, one of which is that it's a zillion degrees outside and my kitchen is warm pretty much year round. Having sweat roll down the back of my legs does not exactly make me feel like Julia Child. The other one is that very often, neither of us parents feels like eating at 6PM. We have long days at work and very little time to talk to each other, not to mention much downtime for ourselves. Add that to trying to stay ahead of the eleventy million things on the to-do list and voila' - dinner is served. In the living room.

ASIDE: this is only relevant to dinner. They have breakfast at the table with Lawton while I'm getting ready for work.

I have to say that we do much better about eating together during the winter. Hearty soups, chili, and the like are some of my most favorite meals. The kids love them too and the crock pot is the facilitator of a lot of these favorites. The days are shorter and cooler and it just seems like we have less to do.

It doesn't matter though - I still feel like a loser. Which frustrates me, because I'm about as involved a parent as you can get. I know this is not the best idea but sometimes I just cannot face the sweaty, hasty, frustrating race to the dinner table so that we can all sit together. I'm not saying that this is ideal by any means, but I do think that my kids are better off with a little TV and casual conversation than Dad and Mom being nuts/irritated/perspiring and eating together in the dining room.

What do you guys do about dinner? Is it every night at the table or do you cheat a little? Do you feel guilty too?

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