Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's Not You, It's Me

I seem to begin a lot of posts by saying "anyone who knows me knows that blah blah something something" but most of the people who actually read this blog are people that I've never met. Anyway, what would come after my regularly appearing sentence is this:...knows that I love Charleston. I don't mean like, I mean LOVE. Like I totally have a girl crush on her. I'm not a peninsula resident, I wasn't born here and I might not live here forever but believe you me, we have a long history together. Which is why it pains me to even write the next words. I think we need to move.

Charleston for all it's beauty, grace and downright awesomeness is not inexpensive. Like many fabulous places, living here comes with a hefty price tag and I'm tired of being broke. The national economy has simply made an existing situation worse and it shows little sign of improving any time soon. I keep having these weird Grapes of Wrath flashes (everyone moving to get out of the dust bowl) because I know a sizeable amount of people who have had to make the same decision. We've lost friends to Eau Claire, Charlotte, Greenville and even France.

The idea of leaving here is fairly gutwrenching, to be honest. My husband's family has lived in Summerville for generations and my parents and sister live here as well. But family ties, beautiful scenery and a culinary mecca aren't enough to keep us here when we've got little people who need to go to college in the not too distant future. A wedding to pay for one day and perhaps even retiring before we're 90.

I don't blame the Holy City for this but it's an undisputed fact that the bulk of the local economy is hotel/restaurant/tourism and this is something I can't ignore any longer. We've thrown around options like Nashville and Houston but I can hardly get my brain around those ideas, let alone put a plan into action. But plan we must because 40 is looming around the corner and the idea of being in the same place (figuratively and literally) is enough to make me weep. I hope this doesn't happen - maybe we'll get lucky and catch a break. Hopefully then I'll look back on this post and scoff at it, but until then the future is uncertain.

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Dena said...

i have watched WAY too much HGTV to disagree with you - people who can afford very little are getting a lot of bang for their buck in some pretty good locations!!

bereccah said...

It's sad but true. Even Columbia has a way lower cost of living, better schools and more employment opportunities. Makes me depressed to even think about it, but scenery doesn't pay the bills!