Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mixed Emotions

I have a love/hate relationship with my blog. Right now I'm angry at it, but that really isn't fair. The problem is that I'm in a massive funk at the moment, and seeing as how I am not really interested in reading people who whine about their lives constantly, I suspect not many people are interested in listening to me whine about mine.

There really is only so much ranting/bitching/bemoaning you can do without being a real drag, so I generally just chose to shut up. Virtually, that is - the real life life does not get such tender treatment. Ahem.

The conflict originates because while I want to write on my blog, I feel less than inspired and so Debby Downer that I don't. So in truly mature adult fashion, I decide that it must be the blog's fault. See? Method to the madness.

The point is that the truth is that I write this blog because I like the interaction with other people, the voice it gives me, and because it provides a sort of history for my family. I wish I was driven like some to write for it's own sake, but I'm not. Those are the folks who can also keep a journal, which I cannot even think about doing without laughing at myself.

I walk a very fine line between being proud and being honest but I'm working on that. Stick with me - I'll get back in the groove soon. Promise.

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An Initial Impression said...

so i am going to start blogging too for me and i am for the store...i need some good old fashion blogging!! yours made me laugh and people on fb have started getting nasty!!

bereccah said...

Good - you make me laugh too! FB is great for lots of things, but if you have a thought that is more than two phrases long, it's useless. Plus some people suck.