Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Mushy-Gushy Post I Swore I Was Not Going to Write

My daughter turned ten yesterday and while I have been full of sentimental musings over the past week or so, I convinced myself that it was just too lame to write about them. After looking at the pictures from her birthday about 17 times already, I have decided to exorcise the demon, so to speak, and put it out there.

We went to the hospital at about 1AM on October 24, 2001, after my water broke at home. She was born at 11:44 that morning and was the most perfect and beautiful thing I'd ever seen. We just sat and looked at her for hours. Everything she did was magical and interesting and I couldn't get enough.

Since that day, there have been times when she's made us crazy of course, but this child is overall, the sweetest and most loving little girl a parent could hope to have. She's tenderhearted, creative and funny. She's bossy, hasty and sneaky. She was an angel on Saturday and pill this morning.  She's everything I wanted, yet somehow so very much more.

I've always said that having a son has helped me understand my husband better but having a daughter has helped me understand myself. She reminds me of me in a lot of ways, before life happened. The me I was when I thought anything was possible and that the sky is the limit. I see a few of the same weaknesses but mostly the similar strengths, as well as a bunch that I don't have.  All in all, I hope that she is as proud of me as I am of her, because my girl is awesome. Happy tenth birthday Doodle Bug...we love you very much.

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Grace Williams said...

oh good grief, I got all teary my own self. very sweet, I am glad you exorcised the demon.

bereccah said...

Me too. :-)