Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Not That Kind of SOPA

I wish I had something witty, intelligent or insightful to say about SOPA. I think it is wrong to censor the internet. I also think that piracy and plagiarism is wrong too. Does that cover it? Tell me if I'm missing something.

But it only reminds me of Mexican soup. It's really not my fault though - I have a rotten cold/sinus infection and the Mexican place down the street has the best damn chicken sopa on the freaking planet. It arrives in a bowl and contains the most tender chicken, seasoned to perfection, steaming hot - and it comes with all kinds of tasty things to make it your way. Like cilantro, jalapeno, lime, avocado, sour cream and oh, yes, diced onion. Then you can throw the delicious rice in for good measure. So freaking good.

In conclusion, I'm currently riding a lovely wave of cold medicine, caffeine and ibuprofen, so I feel that it would be irresponsible of teh internets to hold me accountable for being flip about soup. I mean, SOPA.

Updated: apparently there is a PIPA also, which I find even more perplexing because sopapilla is a sweet quickbread which is obviously different than soup. MAKE UP YOUR MIND INTERWEBS! GAH.
The End.

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Gooddayregularpeople said...

Came to say hi!

LOVED your post on parenting foibles at ScaryMommy.

You're my kind of mama.

Pleasure to meet you.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I am so, so hungry now. This post should totally come with some complimentary soup!

bereccah5 said...

Hi there! Thanks so very much for coming by and for the nice compliment! It's a pleasure to meet you as well. :-)

bereccah5 said...

I know, right?! I'm about to walk down there, press my nose against the glass door and look as pitiful as possible in hopes they will let me have some now. Thanks for coming by!