Sunday, January 1, 2012

Reverse List of New Years Resolutions

So I totally stole this idea but the content is mine, so I'm charging ahead with a different kind of New Years resolution list. This list is for other people, rather than stuff for myself. I couldn't really come up with anything original for my own list, so it's going to read like this:
                                             1. All the things that everyone says. The end.

Instead, I think a list of all the things I want people to KNOCK THE HELL OFF would be much more entertaining, don't you? Yes? Me too, so here we go.

1. Annoying status updates on Facebook. If you aren't sure if you are being annoying, read it out loud to yourself before you post. If there is a question in your mind if it's obnoxious, it probably is.

2. Braking repeatedly in heavy, slow moving traffic. Please just take your foot off the gas - it works just as well when everyone is going 8 mph. 

3. Use of the "word" irregardless. Regardless of what you may think, irregardless is not a word. Ever.

4. Asking non group related questions during a meeting. The rest of us are not interested in the least and would appreciate it if you would save it for later.

5. Extremism. You don't convince me of anything other than that you are completely nuts. This applies across the board in politics, religion and pretty much everything else.

6. No more skinny jeans. Or at least regulate them with some kind of permitting process.

7. Write in full words instead of text speak. Especially now that the whole world is using smart phones, can it really be that much work to type "would" rather than "wud"? It's two letters, y'all.

8. A ban on overexposed celebrities - I do not ever want to see Charlie Sheen, Kardashian anyone or Lindsay Lohan ever again.

9. Reality TV, all genres. I'm so tired of it I could just die.

10.Read my blog. All of you, every post, and leave comments. Heh heh didn't think I was going to promote myself a little, did you? Well, I am.

So, there are some things I would like other people to do. What are some "resolutions" you'd make for other people? Share with so I can be sure not to be on the list!

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leah said...

Well, Crap. I like skinny jeans. :-/ But I did leave a comment.... :-)

bereccah said...

Ha - it's not so much the jeans themselves, it's the rampant wearing of them by people who probably shouldn't! I'm sure yours are awesome! ;-)

amberpagewrites said...

Irregardless drives me nuts. Nuts I tell you. As does text speak - especially in tweets. Edit yourself so it fits, dang it! Great list, in other words.

bereccah5 said...

Thanks so much! There needs to be some kind of movement to eradicate that word.