Monday, March 5, 2012

Trouble Don't Know The Day

Recently, my extremely healthy and capable father in law fell seriously ill. I'm thrilled to report that after a week in the hospital, he appears to be making a complete recovery and is not expected to suffer any long term effects. While this has been trying and stressful for everyone involved, it has also been a good experience in a lot of ways as well.

I've come up with a random collection of observations from the past week and thought they might be relevant to pretty much, well, everyone.

Trouble don't know the day - my husband's grandfather always had a saying for everything, as all good southern gentlemen do, and this one serves as a reminder that life has a way of sneaking up on us when we least expect it. No one had a clue that a little over a week ago from today, this healthy, fit and whip-smart guy would be sick as a dog and no idea where he was. This setback has reminded me once again not to take life and health for granted, and as trite as it sounds, to live in the moment, and not for the future or past. A reality check, if you will.

Laughter really is good medicine - there have been lots of hours logged at the hospital this week by all of us, but especially by Lawton, Scott and their mom. Visitors have come in regularly. Yes, there have been tears, but more than that there has been laughter. Stories, jokes, and just plain silly behavior has been the constant thread through the whole ordeal. I'm so thankful for that - having moments that lift the mood goes such a long way for morale. I am not sure what kind of effect that may have had on my FIL, but I can promise you that it did all of us a world of good.

There's no man like a family man - when I looked around the room at all the people who care for this man, I was reminded how not everyone has that kind of love and support. That there are people who linger in hospitals with no one to come sit with them and hold their hands. That having those kinds of people in your life is an amazing blessing, and those people should be always loved and appreciated accordingly. My father in law has set such an outstanding example for his sons, and I can honestly say that I have been so impressed with my own husband as he looked out for his dad, and mom as well. He and his brother have truly been amazing, and I'm so proud of them both.

This week has been scary. And hard. But to be honest, I am so thankful for it. Being reminded of some of the most important things in life was good for me, and while I know this is taking liberty with the thoughts of others, probably good for everyone involved. The overwhelming amount of love and devotion is amazing, and I am blessed to call these guys my family.

You're the best, Pops. Glad to have you back.
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Susan said...

Glad to hear he's better, and thanks for sharing these lessons. I needed to be reminded to live in the moment today.

bereccah5 said...

Thanks girlie! Isn't it just so easy to forget? No wonder we have to be clubbed over the head with it.