Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Vacation Where We Did Nothing

Last weekend, Lawton and I decided on a whim to go to Florida with a friend and his children, so Sunday morning we loaded up and headed south. We arrived in Palm Coast around 2:30 and began getting settled in to our digs. About 2:31 the children hit the pool.

Standing on top of the waterfall/hot tub, freezing.
And stayed there. For two and a half days. This is no ordinary pool mind you, but by about the 48 hour mark, I was getting a little stir crazy and the four children had started bickering, and I was seriously not interested in that. 

So we grabbed up ours and took them to Flagler Beach, just about ten minutes down the road. I haven't been to the beach in Florida since I was in high school and I had forgotten how different the water is from ours, which is, for those of you who aren't familiar, a kind of murky/dusty greenish color in which you can't see squat. The kids were amazed at the clear blue water and loved seeing the fish swimming around under the Flagler Beach pier.

You knew that boy would sniff out the tacos. 
We also visited a local surf shop for some FLA paraphernalia, and like any good tourists, bought shark tooth necklaces. The fact that I can go get the same necklace anywhere around Charleston is not lost on me, but the kids think they are cool, so we bought them we did. We meandered around the beach town a little and I was almost convinced that I was back home on Folly Beach - they were quite similar, complete with the group of retired men who fish the pier together in the mornings. There was an outstanding ice cream shop that we of course had to try, and after that we headed back to the house. Once we got back, we loaded all the kids up in the back of the truck and went to the beach (yes, we drove the .75 miles to the beach like the Beverly Hillbillies. Class all the way here folks.) where I of course forgot my camera.

 Anyway, other than that, we really didn't do much other than chill. I had all these ideas for things to do but the kids really just wanted to play in the pool/yard, and who am I to crush their dreams of doing nothing? It really was nice to just relax and visit. I threw a line out of couple of times and caught some random fish in the ICW but mostly we just enjoyed the scenery and the company.

Sunset on the ICW. Not bad, huh?   

On the way home, we stayed on A1A, and stopped for lunch at Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine. Very nice beach park - totally pristine. We ate our picnic and let the kids out on the beach some since we were going to begin the drive home in earnest from there. It really was such pretty weather and I could totally envision going back there to camp and play.

We got home around 8PM, got the kids tucked in around 9. I was allllmost asleep at 10:15 when Cecilia threw up on her floor. After having had fruit punch lemonade with her dinner. Just use your imagination. Or don't, actually. Anyway, we got her cleaned up, the floor cleaned up and settled in again.What, you didn't think that this whole vacation would be completely without incident did you? So not the Connelly way. Oh, and the dog had a blast too - she killed about a hundred lizards while we were there so this is how she spent the ride home:
Normally she whines and trembles. Endlessly. This is much preferred.
We had a really nice time and am looking forward to going again soon. Doing nothing ain't all that bad sometimes after all...

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Rachel said...

You are too cute, Rebekah. Wish I was on your vacation, actually.

bereccah5 said...

It was definitely relaxing! Except for the throw up. That was not relaxing in the least. ;-)

ddavisbailey said...

isn't st augustine FAB? when we went to look at the school and spent a night i took annie to the beach 3 times in 36 hours!

bereccah5 said...

It certainly looked like it was - we didn't really get to see much other than the park BUT I did see the school while we were driving. I want to go back and just go to St. A for a couple of days!