Monday, July 23, 2012

The Children Are In Cahoots - We Are Probably Doomed.

It's no secret that three out of the four Connellys take medicine for various mood and attention problems. Cecilia is the only one of us who is mostly sane, and even she can be a bit of a question mark sometimes. Will has been taking Strattera for quite a while and it has been extremely helpful and with basically non-existent side effects. The only problem we have is that he doesn't take a pill very well, or at all, so we've been opening the capsule to mix with applesauce in order for him to get it down. Y'all, let me tell you what. That is the nastiest tasting stuff you've ever come across. Truly awful.

A couple of months ago though, we convinced him to try to swallow the capsule whole. It isn't large at all and it would be way less disgusting. He did this the first couple of times with our supervision and we were thrilled. After a few days, we began letting him just take it on his own - every once in awhile I would watch him take it just to be sure that everything was cool. "You are doing great!", I told him. "Way to go!"

And then I noticed that he wasn't really quite himself. I chalked it up to being out of routine, summertime stuff, not enough physical activity etc. But there wasn't anything really major going on so I dismissed my passing thought and went about my business. However, about a month ago, I was refolding the beach towels that live under the sink in the powder room and lo and behold, here I find several capsules of his medication. Fantastic. So I call him to me, show him the medicine and ask him what was going on. He confessed to everything, was very sorry, was not going to do it again etc etc etc. I reiterated to him why we give him the medicine and how important it was that we know exactly what is going on with it, not to mention the dishonesty and waste of money. Case closed, or so I thought.

Recently, the children went out of town with their grandparents. Upon their return, Lawton pulled me aside and told me that my MIL gave him reason to think that the "cheeking" as I named it, was still going on. Apparently she found out that he had spit medicine into the toilet and wanted us, rightfully so, to know about it. Here is where the plot thickens: she also seemed to think that Cecilia knew about this practice, which apparently was ongoing behind their completely oblivious parent's backs. Super fantastic. We decided the only thing we could do was call them out on it, rather than trying to catch them in the act.

Brought in the abettor first and employed some serious interrogation techniques, such as follows:

"Cecilia. Do you know anything about Will not taking his medicine?" "Booohooooo hooo hooo booohooo, I'm sorry, I didn't want to tell on him! Boo hoo hoo" and so forth.

See? Torture will get you everywhere. Just call her Cecila "Stonewall" Connelly. (eye roll)

Next up - the culprit himself. "William. Have you been spitting out your medicine?" "I'm soooo sorryyy! Booo hoo hoo! I'm sooorrryyyy!!!" "Why didn't you tell us you were having a hard time with it?" "I just didn't want you to think I was a baby! Booohoohooo! I'm sooooo ssooorryyyy!"

Wow. He's just as tough a nut as she is. Be afraid. (eye roll)

Anyway, we told him that we obviously have to go back to the old way and gave the lecture about honestly, his health, medication safety etc, and sent him on his way. Then we called the girl-child back over and talked to her about the difference between being a snitch, and getting us involved because of health/safety concerns. I tried to draw a parallel between that and not getting an adult if someone was being bullied so hopefully she gets it.

Lawton and I just stared at each other for a few seconds after the kids went about their business. We were more than amazed by two things. One, we got rolled by an eight year old. Bad. Like he pulled it off in front of us, more than once. Two, his sister, who loves nothing more than for her brother to get in trouble, did not tell on him. I couldn't decide whether to be mad or proud - I guess I really was kind of both. This does not bode well for the teenage years if they keep this up...we need to step up our game apparently! Sheesh.

Anyone else's kids pull the wool over their eyes like this? Do your children go in cahoots with each other?

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Batshit crazy, you iz it. Gud post tho