Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Chumped Out of BlogHer 2012. In NYC. Because I'm An Idiot.

Once upon a time, there was an outgoing and strong girl who gave all appearances of being fearless. And then when she wanted to attend a gigantic blogging conference in New York City she found herself too scared to go.

I don't know anyone, she thought. What if the people I interact with virtually don't like the me in person, she worried. I don't have a buddy to face all these strangers with, no one to cling to the wall with if I feel intimidated, she fretted. My clothes and shoes and accessories and hair and makeup and ohmygoodness I need to lose 20 pounds instantly and have a facial and...OH what in the world will I ever say when someone asks me what my "goals for blogging" are?! she thought to herself, while mentally wringing her hands.

Then she thought, maybe she would just hide in the bathroom like her favorite blogger, but then no one would talk to her at all because she's not famous like Jenny. Which is fine, but who wants to pay for airfare, conference passes and a hotel room just to stay in the bathroom cringing with fear for three days?

So that girl, who actually really wanted to go to this blogging conference for many reasons, stayed home. And sulked. And kicked herself for being stupid.

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Alison said...

Sorry Rebeccah. I've had times like that...not about blogging conferences, but other social events where I've wanted to go but didn't want to go alone and I didn't know anyone and what if I just wind up sitting by myself and no one talks to me, etc. etc. etc. Just start getting excited about next year, and then when it's time to commit to going, you'll be mentally ready for it.

Karen said...

ohh're not an idiot! we make certain choices for a reason! You'll go next year, for sure. because next year will be even better. this year they were only going to serve ground tofu fettuccine with pickle sauce and tomato puree over fried worm pate.(I can't do the little doohickey over the 'e')

bereccah5 said...

Well when you put it like that...;-)