Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We love us some Aunt Grace!!!

Aunt Grace and Grandma came to see us last week - Aunt G was on spring break and needed a respite. I am still not sure why she chose us to "relax" with, but I am sure she had her reasons. Kidding, of course - we were totally thrilled to have both of them but especially her, because we haven't been able to hang out in FOREVER!!! The kids loved having her here and Will was very upset when he woke up the morning after they left and she was not here. Grandma may have been replaced!
We had a very nice time visiting - Grace has been so swamped with being a genius at school that she has no free time so we felt verrry special that she chose to spend her Spring Break here at the Casa de Connelly!!! Hopefully she will be back very soon - if not, we may have to descend upon her in Asheville. Watch out! Pin It

Fun at the Zoo!

This past Sunday the kids and I headed up the road to Columbia for a trip to Riverbanks Zoo. We picked up Ms. Tara on the way, of course, and charged ahead! Will's favorite was the elephants and Celi's was the bears. They both loved the tiger, who for some reason (I am suspecting the daylight savings time change) was pacing around his enclosure and ROARING! The children were a little nutty for I think the same reason, but we had fun all the same.
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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Spirit of South Carolina

This past Sunday we had the privilege of watching the launch of the Spirit of South Carolina, a hand crafted tall ship of the 19th century era. The Charleston Water Taxi gave us an exceptionally good viewpoint, thanks to the captainship of Scott and Chip. We really had a good time - the weather was nice, the company was great, the kids were good and the boat (Spirit) was launched without a hitch. This very cool project will serve as a floating classroom for South Carolina students both here and in other waters, so we will definitely have to keep an eye on it! The digital camera bit the dust while we were out there so I don't have all the pictures I took yet, but here are a few. Enjoy! More later...

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Thursday, March 1, 2007


The mutiny is being organized and will be enacted should there be no diet coke replacement by tomorrow. WK is on notice. Pin It

Sometimes I wonder

So last night Lawt and I are watching the late news. The anchorwoman is talking about a personal alarm that firefighters wear on their gear while in a burning building. The alarm emits a super high decibal noice if the firefighter stops moving for more than 30 seconds, thereby alerting the other members of the crew that there is a problem. It turns out that these alarms have been malfunctioning...due to extreme high temperatures and exposure to water.

Let's think a moment:

Fire = hot. Extinguishing fire = water. Back to you, Carolyn. Pin It