Sunday, April 29, 2007

House of Tee

Last night the whole crew headed to James Island to have a cookout with Anthony and Lea, Scott and Marie, and Nicholas, Marie and Anthony's cousin who is also housemates with Anthony. The company was great and the food was delicious! We grilled burgers and hot dogs accompanied by all best sides! The kids had a great time running amok in a new place AND checking out all the grown up toys - fish tank, PlayStation, shotguns, etc. Just kidding about the shotguns - they were put away. Nicholas and Anthony live on a cute street, nice houses, tidy yards - the whole suburban trip. Which was unremarkable in and of itself except that two doors down, the neighbors were having a BANGING party! When we drove up, there were cars EVERYWHERE and a 25 foot Grady White basically parked in the road. From Anthony's back deck we could see into their back yard where they were hanging out and it was a pretty good show. There was limbo, karaoke and some dude murdering a guitar. We laughed at them at little, and Scott says, "When they start playing Snoop Dogg, it'll be time to shut 'em down." So true to his prediction, the music started in one genre and disintegrated to, yep, you guessed it, SNOOP DOGG!!! We just howled.

There were only two unpleasant moments and, depending on who you ask, I am not sure which was worse. Will was playing with a huge flashlight exploring the back yard. Well, of course he drops it and it doesn't land on the ground - it landed right on his little toe. Crying and screaming commenced.

The other incident was when Scott was bringing some food into the house from the deck and Will was headed out of the same door. Well, BamBam has been practicing his punching skills and unfortunately decided to try them out on Scott who had his hands full and couldn't protect himself. If you think about how tall Will is and then think about where his fists would land punching a guy square on, you will probably come to the correct conclusion about what happened. Crying and screaming commenced.

Anyway, I think fun was had by all and we took some tired little rats home to bed. Thanks to Anthony and Nicholas for letting us descend upon them and can't wait to do it again! Pin It

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