Sunday, April 29, 2007

Summer summer summertime...

So the fam spent the afternoon at the Folly Beach county park. GORGEOUS day - basically no humidity, perfect temperature, but really really windy. Anyway, we set up all the chairs, umbrellas and accompanying paraphernalia and proceeded to dig in. Literally. Lawton started digging a hole straight down to find water and of course Will jumped into to help. At first Will was using his little shovel but then he switched to his hands. I was sooooo bummed that I didn't have my camera - he looked hysterical because he was digging in that hole like a dog - head in the hole and bottom up in the air. Too cute!!! Then he climbed into the hole and we buried him up to his waist. Which everyone loved - especially Celi - she wanted to leave him there! She found some pretty cool shells which she used to decorate the castles they bulit - very beautiful indeed.

Although the day was consumed with building castles, picking up shells, digging holes and running from waves, we still had time to look around some. There just is nothing like a visit to the beach to boost your self esteem. While we are FAR from perfect, we at least have the good sense to cover up a little where needed. All I have to say is , mirror - get one and USE it!!! Pin It

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