Friday, June 29, 2007

New squatters

We have a new family! Something went wrong with the last nest and the parents abandoned it. I waited for about a week to see if they were around but eventually had to throw the nest away. What was interesting was that as soon as I got rid of the abandoned nest, the parents came right back and rebuilt. Now we have new babies on the way! I think the fern is a goner because I am not watering it - but if it gets us bird babies, then so be it!

Just so you are not disappointed by the lack of my usual sardonic writing style, I would like to point out that the white cottony stuff in the nest are the insides of cigarette filters. We have rock star birds at Casa de Connelly. No namby pamby birds for us! Pin It

Thursday, June 28, 2007

A new low, even for me.

I am working in the office this afternoon - on "floor duty" like every Thursday afternoon. As I am waiting to get some things back from the design department, I really was lacking things to do. Recently we have been innundated with task chairs and there is no method to their placement. So I took it upon myself to organize a little, rather than sitting on my rear surfing the net. We have a small "stage" in the center of the showroom that is elevated about 8 inches off the floor where some of our snazziest stuff is shown. I sat in a chair near the edge of the stage to lower it to regular person height and what happens? It ROLLS BACKWARDS OFF THE STAGE WITH ME IN IT!!! To add insult to injury, I tried to grab the elastic barricade thing and succeed only in bringing it down on top of me. The best part is that it all took place in such slow motion that I had time to say (to myself), if you hit your head on the desk behind you it is going to hurt like hell. I got lucky and didn't hit the desk after all but where I ended up was flipped over backward in a chair on the floor with my feet up in the air. Another lucky point - I was wearing pants. The most UNLUCKY part was the fact that Joey and his dad (my bosses) were both standing there and saw the whole thing go down. Anyway, no more sitting in chairs on the stage. Lesson learned.
Here is a shot of the scene of the crime...
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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Things that make you go hmmm...

Seen on the on ramp from Morrison Drive to I-26. Yes, that is a truck full of ice. And it was yesterday. Which was hot. I just thought it was funny looking. More later. Pin It

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Nine Heroes

This post is dedicated to the brave. Our eternal gratitude to those who gave all - who have given their lives to protect and serve. We honor their sacrifice and sanctify their memories. They will never be forgotten. Pin It

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Work work and more work

So I must say, working like I have lately is reeeealllly cramping my style, especially my blogging style. I mean, how am I supposed to get my post on when the man is holding me down like this? Translation: I have been busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. Compound that little tidbit with the STILL ongoing technical difficulties and you have a recipe for a seriously out of date blog. GAWD. Anyway, once again, the big CATCH UP.

Friday night my friend Lea came to hang with us and as usual, we had a great time - the funniest part of the evening was when Lawton looked at us and goes, "Hey, if Lea and Anthony get married and Marie and Scott get married, then we'll all kind of be related." Lea looked at him and says, dead serious, "We weren't kidding about the sista thing - why do you think we set them up?" Hee hee hee...I soooo need a cohort and she is just about right! Also, I am now addicted to making playlists, so we did one for her Facebook page - pretty darn cool if you ask me!

On Saturday, my sweet husband let me sleep until 11:00! I couldn't believe I was still asleep when he unleashed the rats to come get me. Soooo tired from the week I probably could have kept sleeping until Monday morning, but alas, it was not to be. That afternoon we took the kids to the Whirlin' Waters water park at Wannamaker County Park and can I please tell you, WE HAD A BLAST!!! So much fun! Will was a little sad 'cuz he is still a tiny bit too short for the biggest water rides but all the same, we had such a great time. Celi was kind of scared but considering it was only three years ago that she wouldn't put one TOE in any kind of water, this was a marked improvement. She "swam" all in the little kid area, floated down the Lazy River and "hung ten" in the wave pool. Will, of course, was steady trying to drown himself or get lost so I got my exercise for the day keeping up with him as well as splashing around! Anyway, fun was had by all and we slept like the dead that night! Not used to all that exercise...

Sunday was spent doing the usual fun stuff - laundry, yard work, grocery store, etc. but I did get a chance to catch a flick with Dena that evening. We went to see "Knocked Up", which really was pretty cute. There was some, ahem, suprising cinematography, but it had some really good laughs and a super sweet plot. All in all, money well spent. Again, too much popcorn and Reece's Pieces (why why why why why????) but we had a good time all the same.

Back to work Monday and that is about IT. I must go create more playlists now. Peace. Pin It

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Panty Party

Not really, but it has a nice ring to it, don't you think? My girl Dena had a "bra party" last night - think Tupperware, only with very very nice undergarments. Not the festive kind, but the I. will. use. a. piece. of. dental. floss. or. a. shoe. string. to. hold. this. bra. together. if. that's. what. it. takes.`once it wears out 6 years from now kind of undergarment. You know, the kind you would die for anyone to ever see but cry when you throw it away kind of bra. As I sport some seriously small cleavage, there was no reason for me to invest in said fabulously awesome crazy good bra BUT the party did give me the opportunity to meet some super cool people. Dena has invited me about a million times so it's definitely not her fault that I haven't met these chicks yet, but I have to say that now that I have been officially introduced, I LOVE her friends!!! Funny, smart, down to earth, sweet...the list goes on and on! We had the best time last night! Well, I did, anyway - I can only hope the feeling is mutual. The only peeps I knew already were: Susie, who shamed everyone I know by hanging out and having a beer 5 days after a C-Section and English - Meduvac flight nurse who has at some point in her career been MUSC's Nurse of the Year. These girls represent! It is always so nice to meet people that you really like and want to hang out with - can't wait to do it again.

By the way, the front seat of the car has gotten so bad that I have started apologizing to Lawton before he even opens the door. My pig sty now includes the back area where I am housing five outfits for the cleaners, ten things for Good Will and about twenty Wulbern-Koval furniture catalogs. What is wrong with me? I am not a nasty person but by God do I keep a gross car! The other day I told Lawt that I really needed a SUV because I am apt to driving places where Volvo wagons should really not go (like sidewalks and grass medians) and he said absolutely not - you would only generate more garbage. What's up with that? It's his offspring that make most of the problem! Anyway, I am making it a point this weekend to clean my car, inside and out!!! I'll let you know how that turns out. Pin It

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Visiting friends, aGINN

Another week! What the hell is wrong with me? I really don't know - I think I might need my own laptop completely tricked out with all kinds of media management so that I can blog ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!

So here is the catch up. Thursday I receieved a call from Robert and Julie telling me that they were coming to Chucktown for the LPGA tournament at Rivertowne. As they were staying at my absolute favoritest place, The Belvidere, I took them up on their invite to hang out. If they had been staying anywhere else I would have had to think long and hard...kidding, of course, but I do love me some Belvidere. I love me some Robert and Julie too, though, so it all works out. Anyway, we chilled Friday afternoon/evening at their cottage and the clubhouse where there were serious slabs of beef cooking! Halfway through a super tasty (and totally free meal) I noticed that at the next table was ANNIKA SORENSTAM!!! Yes, the Hall of Fame LPGA golfer whose name is on half the billboards in the Charleston area!! There was another golfer with her who I thought was Michelle Wie but it turns out that I was wrong - it was someone else whose name escapes me but who I am sure is just as talented. I am just ignorant about most everything that does not involve kids or office furniture. What a fascinating life I lead indeed. Anywho, I had a really nice time - the music from Party at the Point was close enough that we had great background sound but far enough away that we didn't have to shout! Basically, we sat outside or on the porch watching the weather roll into the harbor and shooting the breeze. I left about 9:30, as I am waaaaaayyy to old for the three day long "Ginn hangover" as I have come to call it and as Julie is knocked up, thereby giving us both a great excuse to lay around, eat, watch TV, and go to bed early.

When I arrived home, there was QUITE the campground set up in the backyard. Tent, campfire, lantern, sleeping bags, you name it - it was there! Lawton and the kids were camping out! We hung in the tent for a little while, but it turned out that Will had burned his hand on the lantern only a few mintues before I got home and decided that he would feel better inside and sleeping in Mommy's bed, so he and I turned in about 10:45 and as much as I would like to say that we slept like babies, we didn't. He feel out of the bed, Winnie went crazy, a thunderstorm rolled in - you know us - we can't do ANYTHING the easy way. However, Lawton and Celi had a very good time and she was quite pleased with herself for sleeping in the backyard like a real camper. She has declared that she thinks it is time that we took her camping in the mountains so that it's quiet. What a diva.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful - we had Lazy Saturday (well, I did anyway) and Lawton and I went to see "Pirates of the Carribbean" Sunday afternoon. Pretty cute, a little weird, but a fun outing all in all. Way too much popcorn and candy - why do I always do that?! So back at work (which is very busy, hence the lack of postings) and onward through the rest of the week!

PS. Laptop has been downgraded from ICU to Critical Care. Hopefully I will be more prompt with the postings as Laptop gets over it's illness. Pin It