Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back from the dead...

So I did eventually end up with Will's stomach bug as made apparent in the middle of the night Monday/Tuesday. Oh well, nothing like a good GI bug to jump start a diet! The last time I was sick like that I lost 7 pounds in 24 hours. Not bad, huh? Granted I couldn't stand up straight for three days, but, hey, my stomach was waaaay flat. Anyway, these photos are from yesterday evening - those Rats love them some swimming pool! The one of Celi standing up is of her being a fountain with water coming out of its mouth. The ones where the kids have the bucket on their heads is them "scuba diving" for baby dinosaurs in the terrarium. Don't you just love a child's imagination?

In other BIG news, Celi has a loose tooth!!! I can't believe it but it sure is true! She was brushing her teeth last night and Lawton noticed that one seemed loose - sure enough, that baby tooth is on it's way out! When did my baby get old enough to lose teeth?! Aaaaaarrrrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pin It

Monday, July 16, 2007

Catch up

We are moved! Finally finished - we close tomorrow and everything is out. I was sad to go but the moving and getting everyone settled was a good distraction. We had to leave the birds behind but I suppose they will be just fine. I am really liking this new house - it has a good feeling to it. Don't know why exactly, but it is comfortable.

Anyway, we had dinner for Scott's birthday last night at Bubba and Dottie's - the food was excellent as usual. And as usual, I ate too much but it was so good! She makes the best carrot cake in the whole world so what's a girl to do? Marie's mom and aunt came too so it was fun getting to hang out with some new folks. They are all so stinkin' pretty! We had to take off a little early as Will is still a little under the weather but I think everyone had a nice time.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Is it possible...

to die of fatigue? Moving is sooooo exhausting! I have had two diet cokes and a cup of coffee and still am falling asleep. We are mostly in the Rutherford St. house - which happens to be really cool for the most part. Kind of funky but interesting and pretty too. More later! Pin It

Monday, July 9, 2007

I couldn't help myself

I'm sorry, but when you put a life sized silver dude on a life sized silver surfboard in a very public and busy place you are just asking for it. Please pay no attention to the velvet rope bearing the no photos sign. The next time I'm getting on that damn surfboard. Pin It

Things That Make You Go Hmmm, Part 2

Spotted at Transmission Doctor's in Summerville. Is there really a need to say anything else? Pin It

Saturday, July 7, 2007

One more thing...

BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE PEPSI 400 THIS WEEKEND! The number 13 car driven by Joe Nemechek has been repainted to honor our "Charleston 9" at the request of the team owner, Bobby Ginn. The news showed footage of it from the qualifying round but if you missed it, you can catch it during the real race! I am so proud to know Bobby as he gives back to his home state in such a cool and generous way. Don't miss it! Pin It

Happy birthday birdies!

UPDATE: For whatever reason, I am fascinated with these birds. Here is their first photo shoot.

We have babies! I think there are three of them - born on the Fourth of July during all the fireworks. What a way to come into the world! I would post a picture of them but they are pretty unrecognizable at this point. When they get a little easier on the eye they can make their internet debut. Pin It

Fun on the Fourth

The 4th found us at the river (my new favorite place) for a day of swimming, boating, fishing and best of all, EATING! The weather was awesome, especially for Charleston in July and the water temp was perfect. We took the boat out a couple of times - on the second trip we brought the tube that Lawton had found in the falling down shed in the back yard. Yeeeaahh. Celi very bravely decided to ride the tube and she and Lawton hopped in. The boat takes off (slowly, of course) and everything seems fine until Celi leaned forward a little and the front of the tube got swamped. Lawton tried his best to get it to come back up but they both ended up going in. My girl did NOT like that - she began screaming as only a 5 year old girl can, so we hauled her back into the boat. As a side note, this tube has seen better days. It floated, but that's where it's good qualities ended. Two words: DRY ROT.
Anyway, my very brave little girl decided she would give it another go, so we pulled them around for a minute until she wanted off. Lawton rode it for a few minutes and the whole time he was on it, pieces of it were flying off! Really it was just the handles, but it was pretty funny looking.
We had a super nice day all in all - fun, food and family - it doesn't get much better than that! Got home too late, of course, and then we had to do our sparklers, which would have been much more fun had I not set my thumb on fire, but that is another story. Anyway, we all had a great time and zonked out almost instantly!
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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Thunderdome, Connelly style

So Frank (named thus so far) is settling in pretty well. He and Winnie have become pretty friendly, but he is still not down with Tai. So last night, I am trying to trim Frank's claws and he isn't very happy about it. At about claw number four he exploded (as only a cat can) howling, growling and twisting around. I don't think he was attacking me - I think he was just trying to get away. Anyway, TaiTai apparently isn't cool with Frank "attacking" his momma, so he comes LITERALLY flying through the air from off the ottoman, lands on Frank and proceeds to explain the law of the land. Frank takes off leaving Tai puffed up to three times his normal size with a mouthful of seal point fur. And looking very satisfied with himself, too, I might add.
Later, when Lawton and I were going to bed, there was some serious jockeying for position among the four leggeds for their spots on the bed. Tai posted himself on my chest and Winnie was in her usual spot between Lawton and I. Frank starts making his way up to where Tai is and starts growling and carrying on. Tai begins making his battle cry and Winnie got busy trying to become invisible. I am not moving a muscle for fear of a battle taking place on my stomach. Lawton starts chanting, "Two cats enter, one cat leaves, two cats enter, one cat leaves." At which point I die laughing and everybody takes off. They must have worked something out because I didn't really hear any ruckus last night and everyone was still in one piece this morning. Maybe I should change our name from Casa de Connelly to the Connelly Zoo. Much more appropriate! Pin It

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Love at first sight?

Meet the newest member of the Connelly family, Frank. Doesn't he look thrilled to be here? Like he just can't contain his joy? Like he isn't hiding his light under a bushel? Poor kitty - he goes from a relatively quiet life to our house. Ugh. We got him this morning - his owner is military is can't keep him and even though we need another pet NOT AT ALL, I just can't resist a Siamese in need. He'll settle in soon enough - I give it a week before he and Tai are total BFFs. I mean, how could ANYONE resist this face?

Speaking of which, Tai went walkabout over the weekend and scared me half to death. I don't understand these animals. If someone fed me, held/petted me, let me sleep as much as I wanted and expected me to do absolutely nothing except be friendly and not pee on the floor, I would have no desire to go running off. Anyway, he is home now - thank goodness! Pin It