Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Zumba class, or, confirmation of aforestated cosmic curse theory

We have had a few temperate weeks here in the Chuck, and pleasant weather always makes me think about summer. Which makes me think about the beach. Which makes me think about bathing suits. Which makes me think about myself naked. Which makes me think about rejoining the land of those who exercise. In a completely random fit of zeal, I decided to go to the (yes, singular) Zumba class held at my gym this week. I called ahead, just be sure that I had the time correct and to see if, by some insane chance, that I needed to be there early to sign in. (I've heard horror stories about spin class, so I wanted to be prepared.)

Bear in mind that this is the first time in five months that I have even darkened the door of my most excellently shabby gym, so I am really out of shape, even by my slack standards. So, I check in, ask which studio they are using for The Big Z, and am told that Bambi, or whatever, is sick tonight, so no Zumba. Melanie will be teaching a hip hop class instead. Even though I am very disappointed, and quite sure that this class isn't what I want to do, I can't say no as the instructor is standing there looking at me with this hopeful expression. Sure, I say, that will be fun! It wasn't. Not only was it the teacher's very. first. time. teaching., it was fairly apparent that she is not left handed. Not going to be overly critical here in the privacy of the innerweb, but lets just say that my right side is feelin' it. The left, not so much. When it came time for the "face-off", I took my cue and fled to the safety of the weights area, where I proceeded to putz around a little, trying to digest what had just happened to me. I wonder if Bambi will be feeling better by next week - it can't be much worse.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We're famous, y'all!

So yesterday, the kids were extras in a scene that was being filmed for the TV show Army Wives. It is filmed almost entirely here in Charleston and has been gotten fairly popular. The production company that does the show is a client of my company and so I was lucky enough to have someone "on the inside" who hooked us up! We got to be involved with a really cool scene - one that had two of the main characters in it, as well as being close to the action. We had to be there very early (6:15 AM) but I was told that that wasn't really that bad - most times it is around 5! Anyway, we checked in, filled out our forms and then headed to wardrobe, where they chose clothing for the kiddos scene. I had packed all their cutest play clothes and Celi's hair accessories but in the end, they were wearing exactly what they would be wearing to school.

We left for the set a little after 7 and I was surprised to see where the filming was done - a government housing complex just around the corner from my office. Apparently the folks who live there are given a stipend to basically put up the inconvenience of it and the show gets it's enlisted housing set, so it works for all parties involved. Anyway, there were about ready to roll when we got there so we immediately met with the guy who is in charge of making sure that the background was right. He was very cool and super nice to the kids, which I was initially a little worried about, so I was really happy with that. After he arranged everyone, he told the moms that we could go watch the scene through the monitors, which show what the cameras see and is under a tent. Apparently this is a big deal as lowly extras, etc., are usually just sent off to the side out of the way. So, while I am standing in this spot, I look to my right and there is one of the stars of the show getting her hair touched up! We were THAT close! A few minutes pass and then I hear the guy from earlier wanting to know where the mom for the blond boy in the blue stripey shirt is...hmmm, this is Will we're talking about - he's probably looking for yours truly. I round the corner with all kinds of nightmare visions in my head but then realize that I haven't heard any crashing, banging or screaming, so that made me a little less worried. Anyway, I think Will was kind of overwhelmed with it all and was not being terribly cooperative with his "mom", so I had to hide on the side of the house where they were filming. This was cool because Will felt better with me there and also because I got to watch the scene super close up. Pretty cool for the first 11 takes, not so much from thenceforth.

So we finally get a break and go to the restrooms, where I inadvertently had a very embarrassing conversation about the lack of toilet paper with Joanna Kerns, who is directing this episode. Awesome. That was just great. That is not a conversation I would have wanted to have with anyone, let alone with Maggie Seaver. Who happens to be quite tall, btw. And looks great, in case anyone is interested.

So the kids did a couple of other things and Celi got to run around in the background a bunch. Will would have been doing this same thing had he not looked at the in-charge guy and said, "I ain't doin' nothin' else!" and was sent to sit with me. I couldn't decide what to be more humiliated about - his behavior or his GRAMMAR! That would be bad for anyone, but for someone like me, it was HORRIBLE! I could feel the color creeping up my face as I apologized about fifty times in rapid succession. The guy was totally gracious about it and said how it had made his day to be told off in extreme southern by a five year old! Seriously.

We finished up around 11:30 and went straight to lunch. Then to WalMart (again) for a reward for being good and Valentines, then back home for some rest. We were all worn out! The kids conked out early last night and I was down for the count by 9:30 - being a star is hard work! Celi did especially well and had a great time, so I really hope they call again. Not to mention, they are both getting checks in the mail to the tune of $105 each! Keep your fingers crossed...

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Back in the Saddle Again

So the last week or so has been a big blur. There was the Super Bowl Party at Michelle and Ben's house (big shout out to them for the kiddie condo arrangement across the street) which was fun; my birthday, which we celebrated at EVO, with tasty pizza and micro brews, followed by cake and ice cream at Scott and Marie's house. I had a very nice day and was given some very thoughtful gifts - HELLO Costco membership! Plus, how can a day be bad that starts off with Strawberry Supreme Cake at 8:45 AM? Sooo delicious. We have this wonderful tradition where I work that when it is your birthday, we all have cake for breakfast!

Anyway, yesterday I put all my gift cards to work - fantastic haircut with Erica, new sneakers at Dick's and getting my Costco card. All in all, a pretty darn good haul and relaxing to boot! PLUS I still have my gift certificate to Sesame, courtesy of Scott and Marie...looking back at what I just typed, it has dawned on me that I am, as they say in dog training, food motivated. Maybe I should work on that. How awesome would it be if I was, say, ELLIPTICAL motivated?! Hmmm....

So, what else? Ah, yes, I have once again been roped into coaching soccer. Which is fine because Celi wants to play soccer and if I have to be there anyway, I may as well be in charge. I enjoy it for the most part, but I kind of wish I was coaching kids that are a little older and more into playing, rather than chasing butterflies and twirling each others hair. And, yes, this does include the boys, by the way. Hopefully this spring will be better than last fall - the kids were so nonchalant about everything that it was pretty frustrating.

This weekend and last have actually been really nice outside, which I am so thrilled about - the rainy weekends were getting to more than I could take. We have had some serious park time, which does wonders for all our moods, as well as our health. A few weeks ago, it had rained so many days in a row that I couldn't take it anymore and took the kids to the playground in the rain. It wasn't pouring or cold, so we just hung out for a couple of hours, getting some exercise.

I have a feeling that the next couple of weeks are going to be pretty full, but in a good way. My parents are moving back to Charleston after having been in Asheville for the past ten years, and I am thrilled! It has been lonely for me in a weird way, even though I am surrounded by friends and Lawton's family. It's just not the same as your own PLUS I am so happy that they are going to be able to be involved in all the little things that the kids do - sports, school, parties, etc. - things that they have missed over the past seven years.

Anyway, we have had another gorgeous weekend, which has made me quite happy. We went to two parks today and are completely tired out but in a good way. More to follow...

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