Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Mushy-Gushy Post I Swore I Was Not Going to Write

My daughter turned ten yesterday and while I have been full of sentimental musings over the past week or so, I convinced myself that it was just too lame to write about them. After looking at the pictures from her birthday about 17 times already, I have decided to exorcise the demon, so to speak, and put it out there.

We went to the hospital at about 1AM on October 24, 2001, after my water broke at home. She was born at 11:44 that morning and was the most perfect and beautiful thing I'd ever seen. We just sat and looked at her for hours. Everything she did was magical and interesting and I couldn't get enough.

Since that day, there have been times when she's made us crazy of course, but this child is overall, the sweetest and most loving little girl a parent could hope to have. She's tenderhearted, creative and funny. She's bossy, hasty and sneaky. She was an angel on Saturday and pill this morning.  She's everything I wanted, yet somehow so very much more.

I've always said that having a son has helped me understand my husband better but having a daughter has helped me understand myself. She reminds me of me in a lot of ways, before life happened. The me I was when I thought anything was possible and that the sky is the limit. I see a few of the same weaknesses but mostly the similar strengths, as well as a bunch that I don't have.  All in all, I hope that she is as proud of me as I am of her, because my girl is awesome. Happy tenth birthday Doodle Bug...we love you very much.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Very Special Day

Around the beginning of last week, Will had a note in his folder from school that read "Will has something great to show you. :-)" Further investigation into the folder revealed this:

"Will!" I shrieked, causing him to jump about a foot off the floor. "You're the Terrific Kid?! That is AWESOME!" Grinning from ear to ear, he was obviously pleased at my reaction, but played it off like it was no big thing. It IS a big thing, I made sure to be clear about with him.

The teachers nominate two kids from their class every nine weeks, based on a certain set of characteristics that change over the course of the year. This grading period, the attributes in question were "Knowledge and Creativity" and Will's teacher basically told me he was a shoe-in. The boy is a walking encyclopedia of information and loves to learn, so I can say with a large amount of certainty that this was a completely unbiased nomination.

Again, if you've been reading for a while, you know why this is so huge but if you haven't, you can go here for the back story: http://connellyconfusion.blogspot.com/2011/08/school-year-2011-12-and-im-terrified.html

Or here: http://connellyconfusion.blogspot.com/2007/09/on-more-serious-note.html

Or even here: http://connellyconfusion.blogspot.com/2011/09/holding-my-breath.html 

Or pretty much all over this blog.

Anyway, it was with no small amount of pride that today I sat in the lunchroom at school, watching my boy get his award. It's just a certificate and a bumper sticker but to us it is so very much more than that. There are still struggles and bumps in the road, but to be here instead of here there is just amazing. It was less than three months ago that I wrote about being terrified of this school year and look where we are now. Wow. Just wow.

We are so fortunate to have an extremely supportive administration but truly, I cannot say enough good things about his teacher. She has been our own personal angel since day one and we'd be absolutely lost without her. She treats Will like he is one of her own children and I will be forever grateful to her for loving my boy enough to help drag him off the road he was on. Thank you Leslie Ann Carpenter. Thank you for everything. We love you.

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Monday, October 17, 2011

Filed Under WTH

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting on my back porch enjoying the gorgeous weather and conversation with my mom when Will appears through the back door looking quite distraught. I asked him what was wrong and he says, "I was feeding Spike (the baby bearded dragon we bought Will for his birthday)and he jumped into the tube and now he's stuck!" I asked him if he had told Daddy and he confirmed that Lawton was already on the case. Thinking that this simply couldn't be that big of a deal, I went upstairs to check on the husband and help. Or supervise. Or be in the way, however you want to describe it is fine with me.

Upon opening the door to Will's room, I realized that situation was much more dire than originally thought. Lawton was sitting on the floor holding the tube with the lizard inside of it surrounded by multiple implements of destruction. Y'all, let me tell you - that creature was STUCK. The tube is rough on the inside, I guess so the crickets can crawl into it maybe, so when Spike forced his dumb self inside, his beard spikes got caught. Plus it was just barely big enough for him to get into in the first place, so getting him out was a serious trick.

I looked into the tube at his face. Eyes were closed, not moving and it seemed that his color was fading. Dear God, I thought, PLEASE do not let this lizard die - my son will be brokenhearted beyond consolation. Lawton and I went back and forth some about how to get him out and decided to cut down the tube as much as possible, then push him forward so that his spikes wouldn't catch against the inside. This was risky in itself because Spike is only a baby and their bones are extremely fragile, so there was a very real possibility that if he did live that there would be some collateral damage.

Finally he was out and none too soon - he had already started to turn black at his beard and throat, which I took to mean that he was actively suffocating while Lawton was extricating him. He didn't move for few seconds and then THANK GOODNESS he took a breath. We put him back in his tank and he just sat there, motionless and still not breathing but looking sort of alert. And then finally, he just propped himself up on his front legs and began breathing normally and looking at us all like, "What? What are you looking at me like that for?"

Spike seems to be okay and I cannot even begin to explain how happy that makes me. The boy loves that lizard more than just about anything and to lose him in such a terrible way would have just been devastating. Will appears pretty nonplussed about the whole thing but I don't think that he had any idea how bad it was. About 4AM I checked on the kids and was happy to see Spike the baby beardie sleeping on top of his tree and the boy and my cat sleeping peacefully nearbye. Thank you God, for realz.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

It's Not You, It's Me

I seem to begin a lot of posts by saying "anyone who knows me knows that blah blah something something" but most of the people who actually read this blog are people that I've never met. Anyway, what would come after my regularly appearing sentence is this:...knows that I love Charleston. I don't mean like, I mean LOVE. Like I totally have a girl crush on her. I'm not a peninsula resident, I wasn't born here and I might not live here forever but believe you me, we have a long history together. Which is why it pains me to even write the next words. I think we need to move.

Charleston for all it's beauty, grace and downright awesomeness is not inexpensive. Like many fabulous places, living here comes with a hefty price tag and I'm tired of being broke. The national economy has simply made an existing situation worse and it shows little sign of improving any time soon. I keep having these weird Grapes of Wrath flashes (everyone moving to get out of the dust bowl) because I know a sizeable amount of people who have had to make the same decision. We've lost friends to Eau Claire, Charlotte, Greenville and even France.

The idea of leaving here is fairly gutwrenching, to be honest. My husband's family has lived in Summerville for generations and my parents and sister live here as well. But family ties, beautiful scenery and a culinary mecca aren't enough to keep us here when we've got little people who need to go to college in the not too distant future. A wedding to pay for one day and perhaps even retiring before we're 90.

I don't blame the Holy City for this but it's an undisputed fact that the bulk of the local economy is hotel/restaurant/tourism and this is something I can't ignore any longer. We've thrown around options like Nashville and Houston but I can hardly get my brain around those ideas, let alone put a plan into action. But plan we must because 40 is looming around the corner and the idea of being in the same place (figuratively and literally) is enough to make me weep. I hope this doesn't happen - maybe we'll get lucky and catch a break. Hopefully then I'll look back on this post and scoff at it, but until then the future is uncertain.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

We're Normal! Kind Of.

We seem to have a fairly intense life, which is spot on for an intense person like me. I'm not so much a drama queen per se, but it does seem that there is always something going on around here. Yet most of the time, we're just a regular family, doing regular family things.

We go the park...

We visit with our friends and their new baby...

We participate in rec sports...

We went to the Halloween Extravaganza in Hollywood. South Carolina, y'all

We said goodbye...

We adopted a new fur baby...

Being on the go becomes such a part of the routine that I often have to remind myself to focus on the what is happening at the moment, rather than what's going on tomorrow. Looking back through these pictures, the now looks pretty good. Happy weekend, y'all.

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mixed Emotions

I have a love/hate relationship with my blog. Right now I'm angry at it, but that really isn't fair. The problem is that I'm in a massive funk at the moment, and seeing as how I am not really interested in reading people who whine about their lives constantly, I suspect not many people are interested in listening to me whine about mine.

There really is only so much ranting/bitching/bemoaning you can do without being a real drag, so I generally just chose to shut up. Virtually, that is - the real life life does not get such tender treatment. Ahem.

The conflict originates because while I want to write on my blog, I feel less than inspired and so Debby Downer that I don't. So in truly mature adult fashion, I decide that it must be the blog's fault. See? Method to the madness.

The point is that the truth is that I write this blog because I like the interaction with other people, the voice it gives me, and because it provides a sort of history for my family. I wish I was driven like some to write for it's own sake, but I'm not. Those are the folks who can also keep a journal, which I cannot even think about doing without laughing at myself.

I walk a very fine line between being proud and being honest but I'm working on that. Stick with me - I'll get back in the groove soon. Promise.

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